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How To Download YouTube Videos Easily In 2023

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YouTube is a staggeringly large platform, with over two billion users visiting the website at least once a month.

So it’s no surprise that significant data comes in and out of YouTube each day because of the many content creators and viewers.

This is fine if you watch YouTube at home or in a place with WiFi available, but what about folks who listen while commuting or going out for a run?

Let’s look at how easy it can be to download YouTube videos to view whenever you feel like it, no matter if you have an Internet connection.  

Why Do People Download YouTube Videos?

The YouTube app offers the option to download a video for offline viewing.

With this option, users can watch a favorite YouTube video without using data to stream it later.

However, this download option can leave something to be desired for some users.

What Is the Advantage of Downloading A YouTube Video?

The main advantage of downloading YouTube videos is to save on data ahead of time.

If you have videos or YouTube playlists you enjoy while away from an Internet connection, downloading the video means you can save data now and watch it later.

However, some circumstances call for downloading the video as a video file.

Doing this to release or sell the video is against YouTube’s terms and conditions.

But, it allows some folks to store favorite videos for later or use free-use projects for academic or research purposes.

Is It Better to Download or Watch YouTube Videos?

Generally, it’s better to watch a YouTube video on the platform rather than download it.

When you stream the video, both the creator and YouTube earn money from the ads you watch before and during the video.

You skip over this revenue-generating step by downloading the videos, meaning that YouTube and the content creator have to make up the revenue somehow.

This is not only true of Youtube creators, but also of creators on other video platforms.

However, downloading videos gives a chance for viewers to still watch videos even when away from an internet connection.

Is It Safe to Download YouTube Videos?

As long as you use the right tools, downloading YouTube videos is safe and easy.

The official YouTube app comes with a way to save videos for offline viewing later, meaning YouTube recognizes the benefit of having folks use data ahead of time to store videos.

The problems come from a third-party app or website trying to do more than just download the video for you.

Malicious sites and apps can try to force viruses or spyware onto your device, doing damage when all you wanted was to watch a video.

Being vigilant about the online tools you use is important, not just when downloading videos!

The Best YouTube Video Download Software In 2023

When the official YouTube app doesn’t cut it, a third-party app could be your best choice to download YouTube videos.

Here are some of our recommendations for the task, sorted by speed and cost.

What Is the Best Free YouTube Video Downloader?

YTD Video Downloader is the best free YouTube video downloader available.

Our Pick

YTD Video Downloader is a great tool that won’t cost you any money to use to get a YouTube video file rather than some data saved on your phone.

YTD Video Downloader is a great tool that won’t cost you any money to use to get a YouTube video file rather than some data saved on your phone.

Overview of YTD Video Downloader

This software has been around for a long time and gives users an easy way to download and save YouTube videos on their computers.

It looks like its age, but the range of options included with the free mode makes it a solid choice for the purpose.

Best For

YTD Video Downloader is the best choice for folks that want to download a few videos a day to save for later.

The software doesn’t watermark the video or skimp on video quality.

Instead, you get a video file that plays like you are streaming the video from YouTube.

Notable Features of YTD Video Downloader

YTD Video Downloader has some standout features among the free software out there, such as:

  • The HD video can be downloaded using the 4k video downloader and 8k video downloader options.
  • Users can download curated playlists or a YouTube channel with the software.
  • Fast downloads thanks to it being lightweight software.

Pros of YTD Video Downloader

So, with those features listed, here are the pros to using YTD Video Downloader:

  • The software has been around for 15 years, making it a well-known and trustworthy tool.
  • There’s a wide range of video and audio options, including resolution, bitrate, and video file types.
  • Users can download videos from more than 50 sites, not just YouTube.
  • The software comes with an integrated video converter and video player.
  • The UI is intuitive and responsive on most devices.

Cons of YTD Video Downloader

Still, there are some downsides to using YTD Video Downloader:

  • The amount of videos you download each day with the free version is restricted.
  • The UI, while responsive, looks old and reminds you to buy the premium version every time you use it.
  • You can’t download multiple videos simultaneously with the free version of the software.

Is YTD Video Downloader Hard to Use?

While the YTD Video Downloader interface doesn’t look great, it’s easy to use.

It might even feel familiar to folks familiar with older versions of Windows OS.

Most uses for the software come down to pasting the video link and clicking a few options for your download before waiting for the video file.

YTD Video Downloader Pricing and Plans

Since the software has a free version, you don’t have to pay for the software if the limitations don’t bother you.

Still, if you decide to get the PRO version, it goes for $9.99 per month for a year or $2.99 per month with a two-year subscription.

Our Take

YTD Downloader is great if you just want to grab a few videos for yourself each day without paying for another tool.

It offers what many premium options do without the price tag.

Still, it isn’t a perfect solution, especially for folks that want to download large numbers of videos at a time.

What Is the Best Paid YouTube Video Downloader? Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader

The Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader is the best choice we’ve found to download YouTube videos for the folks out there that don’t mind spending some money.

Runner Up

Jihosoft’s 4K Video Downloader is one of the company’s many tools for folks to manage data and downloads.

Their video downloader software has many features that are hard to find in other premium tools, meaning they stand out in quality and capability.

Overview of Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader

Jihosoft’s 4K Video Downloader is one of the company’s many tools for folks to manage data and downloads.

Their video downloader software has many features that are hard to find in other premium tools, meaning they stand out in quality and capability.

Best For

This premium tool is best for folks who consume many YouTube content and want to do so offline.

Most folks just watch a few videos a day, but having access to an unlimited number of downloads means this software is great for building up an offline YouTube library.

Notable Features of Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader

As a premium tool, the Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader has some major features, like:

  • In addition to downloading playlists or channels, Jihosoft also lets users download the subtitles and closed captions for the video.
  • You can subscribe to channels or playlists in the software and automatically download videos when new ones go up.
  • The software has light video-edited capabilities to let users modify videos for academic or research projects.

Pros of Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader

With those features laid out, here’s what we think are the biggest positives to using this software:

  • You can download videos in a resolution of your choice, up to 8K.
  • The paid version of the software doesn’t limit the number of videos you can download each day.
  • In addition to changing video file types, you can also convert YouTube videos into MP3s for listening without the video.
  • Works with many sites, including YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Program only has three steps to go from the YouTube link to a downloaded video.

Cons of Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader

There are some downsides to the Jihosoft tools, including:

  • The software doesn’t work with as many websites as other third-party apps.
  • By default, downloaded videos don’t go into your Downloads folder but into a folder inside the software files. You’ll want to change this to get to video faster.
  • You have to pay for each software instance, meaning you can use the same key on multiple devices like other premium tools.

Is Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader Hard to Use?

This software isn’t tough to use.

Once you have the YouTube URL for the video you want to download, you paste that URL into the software.

Then, you choose the video resolution and settings you want and wait for the video to download.

Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader Pricing and Plans

This software costs $25 to receive a software key for one device.

You can pay more to get more devices, including $45 for two devices and $75 for five.

Our Take

The Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader is the best bang for your buck on video downloaders.

It works well with many popular websites and doesn’t come with a subscription fee.

As long as you only need one device loaded up, the one-time fee could be the only money you sink into this tool.

What Is the Fastest YouTube Video Downloader?

While many software solutions offer fast downloads, it’s hard to beat the built-in download option from YouTube Premium.

screenshot of the youtube premium homepage

Overview of YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is the subscription service officially put out by YouTube.

In addition to some nice quality of life features, YouTube Premium also gives users the ability to download videos right from the app.

It won’t do everything other software can, but it’s the fastest by way of not needing other tools or know-how to set up.

Best For

YouTube Premium is best for folks who want to spend a little money to get video downloads as part of the subscription package deal.

This option is easy, fast, and requires no other tools for folks who download a handful of videos each day.

Notable Features of YouTube Premium

As the subscription service for YouTube, YouTube Premium has some big selling points, such as:

  • Ad-free viewing of all videos on the YouTube app and website.
  • The Download feature becomes enabled inside the app, letting users download videos without leaving the platform.
  • Access other YouTube services and features, like background video playing and YouTube Music.

Pros of YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium offers several upsides thanks to these features, including:

  • The download option stays inside the YouTube app, meaning there’s no extra setup or money to be spent on other tools.
  • Downloaded videos stay within the YouTube app, saving time searching through your phone or computer’s storage.
  • Ad-free viewing allows viewers to get right into their video binges without being interrupted.
  • Downloads happen at your Internet connection speed rather than being limited, like some free video downloaders.
  • YouTube Music lets Premium users listen to music ad-free and in the background.

Cons of YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium doesn’t do everything that third-party apps can, though.

Here are some things a lot of folks find lacking with YouTube Premium:

  • At $11.99 per month, YouTube Premium is one of the more-expensive paid options to download videos.
  • YouTube Premium doesn’t download a video file for you to use or edit.
  • Playlist or channel downloads don’t exist with YouTube Premium.

Is YouTube Premium Hard to Use?

YouTube Premium isn’t hard to use at all.

With Premium, each video has a Download button users can press to download the video to their device.

Later, you can access that video and watch it without using your mobile data or a WiFi connection.

YouTube Premium Pricing and Plans

YouTube Premium costs $11.99 per month to access all these features.

Annual, Family, and Student plans exist that allow for cheaper per month fees or for more devices to access the account at a time.

Our Take

YouTube Premium is probably the simplest paid option for most folks, in all honesty.

The service keeps everything contained to the YouTube ecosystem, meaning folks that aren’t as tech-savvy don’t have to learn another platform to download videos.

Is Yt5s A Popular Way to Download YouTube Videos?

These recommendations are for programs you download to your computer, which is fine for some folks.

However, what about those that just have a smartphone or tablet?

That’s where Yt5s.com comes in.

Yt5s.com is a website application that lets users download YouTube videos without downloading a separate program.

Instead, users enter a YouTube URL and let the website create a video file using the video from the URL.

After a while, the user receives a download prompt to receive their video onto their device.

What Is Yt5s?

Yt5s.com is a website application that lets users download YouTube videos without downloading a separate program.

Instead, users enter a YouTube URL and let the website create a video file using the video from the URL.

After a while, the user receives a download prompt to receive their video onto their device.

Can Yt5s Download YouTube Videos On Mobile?

The great thing about website applications is that they can work regardless of what OS you use.

Yt5s works with any platform, including PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Does Yt5s YouTube Downloader Have A Limit of Usage?

Surprisingly, Yt5s doesn’t limit the number of videos users can download on its website, unlike some free-to-use software.

Users can download as many videos as they like with the website.

Just keep in mind, though: the website is limited to 1 GB/s transfer speeds, so folks with high-speed Internet might be bottlenecked slightly on the website.  

What Video/Audio Formats does Yt5s.com Support?

Yt5s.com supports a wide range of both audio and video formats.

File types like MP3 and MP4 are the main choices for many folks, but you can select other formats like M4A, FLV, and MO.

Where Are YouTube Videos Stored After Downloading?

YouTube videos will go to different places depending on what service you use to download them.

Many of the services we’ve outlined here default to a storage folder inside the applications file folder on your computer.

However, you can change that in the settings.

However, for YouTube Premium, the videos save into the YouTube app’s cache, meaning you can’t access the file itself, just the data to watch the video later.

Generally, most folks will download videos into a Videos or Downloads folder on their computers and mobile devices.

If you can’t find a downloaded video, checking one of these folders and the application folder itself is the best place to start.

YouTube Video Download Problems

In case you have some trouble downloading YouTube videos, here are some things to keep in mind:

vector graphic showing an icon that illustrations how to download youtube videos

“Video Download Failed” Issue and Solution

Using YouTube Premium, you can track most failed downloads back to connection or subscription errors.

First, check that you have a stable Internet connection and that you’re signed in to your Premium account on only one device.

Sometimes niche problems show up, so check out YouTube’s support page when needed.

For other programs, check your Internet connection and the limitations of your tools.

For example, some paid options will limit your daily downloads, let alone free services.

Ensure that you haven’t hit these limits before looking into other solutions.

Downloading From YouTube Is Slow – What to Do?

Slow downloads tend to reflect a poor connection on either your or YouTube’s end.

Because YouTube operates out of servers, there will be times when traffic to the website exceeds what it can handle, causing troubles.

Waiting out these problems is the only solution you have if YouTube itself is slow.

Otherwise, try testing out other connections, like different WiFi networks or mobile data.

Sometimes connections are not as stable as they seem.

So, if you have a slow download, try restarting the download on a different access point.

Wrapping Up

YouTube video downloading has been a practice since the platform was released.

However, as time has gone on, the software and tools needed to download videos have gotten easier to use by requiring less technical knowledge to use them.

If you want to save some mobile data on your next commute or walk, check out some of the tools listed here and give them a spin.

Downloading videos is a great way to save on data use, which could help you save some money in the long run.

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