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67 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs To Check Out In 2023

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As a blogger, one of the easiest ways to obtain passive income is through top-paying affiliate programs.

It’s common for many big-name companies to offer such incentives to boost their own sales while passing on a small commission to the blogger.

Out of all the platforms available, you’ll see that some provide better opportunities than others, such as PureVPN.

There are also various prerequisites that bloggers must have in place before being accepted into many of the top programs.

To help you select which affiliates to partner with, we have compiled a list of the 63 top-paying options available in 2023.

Continue reading to learn about them all.

An Overview of the Top Paying Affiliate Programs

There is a lot of mystery that comes with affiliate programs.

Many of them have an extensive list of exclusions, and there are also legal requirements that go along with being an affiliate.

However, including them in your content can be lucrative if you keep at it for the long haul.

Can You Get Rich Off Affiliate Marketing?

So, can you get rich off of affiliate marketing?

The short answer to this question is yes; you can get rich from affiliate marketing.

However, that won’t happen overnight, and it will take persistence.

When you get to a level where there is a lot of visibility and reach with your content, you have a higher likelihood of obtaining more affiliate sales.

When this happens, your commission increases.

What Are the Best Selling Affiliate Products?

Overall, you want to link to products that fit within your content niche.

While high-end items like drones, security systems, and televisions are popular items with a substantial commission attached, you can’t always include them naturally in your blog.

For instance, if you run a baking site posting your favorite recipes, it’s not natural to include an affiliate link to a drone.

If you did include such a link, it’s unlikely that you would get a significant response to it because your readers don’t come to your blog for such items and suggestions.

Other top earners for affiliate products include those that are ongoing purchases.

These include memberships, subscription boxes, streaming services, and food delivery.

Most of these are easy to fit in content cohesively.

Types of Affiliate Commissions

When you look through the list of top paying affiliate programs, you will notice two types of commissions.

Typically, companies will offer a one-time commission or a recurring one.

What is the difference?

One-Time Commissions

The most common commissions are paid in one payment when someone makes a purchase.

Therefore, if someone followed your link to Amazon and purchased a scarf, you would be compensated for that one purchase but not any future ones.

Recurring Commissions

When you are privy to recurring commissions, you will receive an initial payback when a customer purchases a product and further compensation for future items.

This schedule most commonly takes place with subscriptions or monthly and yearly plans.

For instance, if a person clicked through one of your affiliate links and enrolled in a monthly scarf subscription club, you could receive a commission each time the customer is charged.

The Best Top Paying Affiliate Programs in 2023

As a result of our extensive research on the subject, we have compiled the following affiliate programs that come with the highest commission levels.

The options listed below encompass a network of brands, companies, and products.

You can link to the items that fit best within your niche and earn a commission accordingly as an affiliate.

graphic illustrating highest paying affiliate programs and their characteristics

Amazon Associates

affiliate program.amazon.com

With over 450 billion in sales per year on Amazon, it’s safe to say that there is a lot of activity on the site and many people who are interested in purchasing their products.

Being an Amazon Associate means linking to all of the products on the company’s site and earning a commission for each sale.

Our Rating

Three stars

Best For

Those just starting in blogging

Amazon Associates Commission Rate

The percentage varies depending on the product.

Flat rates are available for successful sign-ups

Does Amazon Associates Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Easy acceptance process
  • A significant amount of items are available
  • Versatile for all niches

Amazon Associates is a great commission program to introduce for those just starting blogging.

There are minimal requirements for participation and a wide variety of items to incorporate into your content.

Amazon Associates Pros

  • Exclusive Access – As an affiliate, you can see the various discounts offered by companies on your dashboard and pass the codes on to your audience.
  • Updated Dashboard – Each day, Amazon Associates will update your account to reflect your clicks, sales, and commission amounts.
  • Most Popular Items – Another feature available on your dashboard is the ability to view the most frequently sold items. This information can help you to form your own content for possible inclusion of the products.
  • Trending Items – Being able to link to the most trendy items that are only available on Amazon can prove to be quite lucrative for an affiliate. Readers who have seen the products on social media or on your blog are more inclined to make a purchase.
  • High Approval Rate – There aren’t many requirements for being approved as an affiliate with Amazon Associates. However, it is conditional until you have sold a set amount of items within 90 days.

Amazon Associates Cons

  • Unable To Use Links For Everyone – Unfortunately, purchases made by friends or family members are ineligible for commission. The Amazon algorithm has the ability to cross-check customers with your social media lists and addresses.
  • Inaccurate Counts – It has been widely reported that Amazon doesn’t have purchases reflected correctly in affiliates’ earnings reports. At times, sales won’t appear even though they have been confirmed.
  • Repeat Approvals – Typically, affiliates must repeat the conditional approval several times before being entirely accepted into the Amazon Associates program. As a new blogger, acquiring the necessary sales within 90 days can be challenging, and you will need to reapply.

CJ Affiliate

screenshot of the CJ Affiliate homepage

Previously known as Commission Junction, CJ Affiliate has been operating for over 20 years.

While the aforementioned Amazon Associates program is limited to items sold on that platform, CJ Affiliate allows you to work with several big-name brands.

Our Rating

Five stars

Best For

Bloggers with a growing audience

CJ Affiliate Commission Rate

Because CJ Affiliate works with so many different brands and companies, the commission is at the advertiser’s discretion.

Does CJ Affiliate Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • An extensive network of top companies
  • Streamlined approval process
  • Real-time dashboard

One of the top features of CJ Affiliate is that you can apply to different brands and companies with just a few clicks.

At times you will obtain approval immediately.

Instead of waiting for your dashboard to update overnight, you can see your earnings as they happen while working with some of the biggest brands in various industries.

CJ Affiliate Pros

  • Simple Application Process – All you need to do is fill out a form on the CJ Affiliate Website, which contains a few questions about your website and content.
  • Access To Multiple Programs – CJ Affiliate oversees the advertising programs of many big-name companies. After signing up for CJ Affiliate as a publisher, you can review the different options available and apply for the ones that fit best with your content.
  • Up-Front Data – Before applying to companies, you can see the rate at which they pay out publishers. Therefore, you will know if you have a chance to make a significant amount of money.
  • Updated Promotions – As a CJ Affiliate, you will have access to upcoming sales and discount codes before the public hears of them. This strategy allows you to plan your content around forthcoming events.
  • Individual Products – You can tailor your affiliate links to thoroughly embody your content’s niche. You won’t be subjected to random banner ad products on your site but will instead be able to hand select which ones you highlight.

CJ Affiliate Cons

  • You Must Have a Growing Presence – If you don’t make enough sales within six months, CJ Affiliate reserves the right to deactivate your account. Therefore, you want to ensure that you have substantial traffic coming to your website.
  • Not All Merchants Are Created Equal – The commission rates will vary by company, and the only way to know what they are is to click into the detailed information section on your dashboard.
  • Approvals Will Vary – While some merchants will give immediate approval after a series of questions are answered, others will take days or weeks to respond to prospective publishers.


screenshot of the impact homepage

As another multi-merchant platform, Impact provides publishers with an extensive database of well-known companies to form partnerships with for advertising.

The difference between Impact and other networks is that, as the publisher, you have to reach out to the brands and propose a working agreement instead of applying and being approved.

Our Rating

Five stars

Best For

Content creators with pitching experience

Impact Commission Rate

The publisher and the advertiser decide upon all rates through direct correspondence on the Impact portal.

Does Impact Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Autonomy
  • High-quality customer service
  • Comprehensive merchant database

Although different, it’s nice that you can advocate for your desired rates as an affiliate with Impact.

You will find an extensive listing of advertisers available on the platform, and current and past users highly praise the level of customer service.

Impact Pros

  • Low Payment Threshold – While some networks require you to have earnings of $100 or more to cash out, Impact allows you to send profits to your personal bank account after $50 has been earned.
  • Constantly Expanding Network – Impact is always adding new merchants to its database. The constant growth allows you to collaborate with new businesses consistently.
  • Multiple Payment Options – When working through the Impact affiliate network, you can choose to get your earnings in various ways. These methods include direct deposit, check, and Paypal.
  • Centralize Your Content – With Impact, you can have all your social media profiles and websites in one space. This functionality allows you to share links to your audience effortlessly without a drawn-out process.
  • Dashboard Analytics – With the data provided by Impact to your personal dashboard, you can easily see what products and links are working the best for you. Having this information allows you to tailor your content to maximize revenue.

Impact Cons

  • Payment Delays – There have been several reports of delayed merchant payments getting to the publisher. Although customer service has worked to get these issues resolved, they can take several months to happen.
  • Functionality Glitches – Merchants and publishers have expressed frustration at plugins not operating as advertised and links not populating correctly.
  • Approval Process – When publishers request to work with merchants, the information is sent to the companies to review. However, merchants find it difficult to initiate communication with publishers due to the lack of functionality.


screenshot of the shareasale homepage

As one of the biggest names in affiliate networking, Shareasale has earned its reputation due to having over 20,000 brands in its database.

The company signs hundreds of new affiliates daily and offers endless collaboration and partnership opportunities.

Our Rating

Five stars

Best For

Those with a unique niche

Shareasale Commission Rate

With over 20,000 merchants and brands that Shareasale works with, the commission rate is disclosed on a per-affiliate basis.

Does Shareasale Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Unique Offerings
  • Various Programs
  • Detailed Reporting

For those whose content focuses on a topic that isn’t well-known, it can be hard to find brands with affiliate programs.

With Shareasale’s extensive network, finding an appropriate partner for your content isn’t as much of an issue.

You can also sign up to promote loyalty programs and easily view their success rates on your site through your dashboard reports.

Shareasale Pros

  • Simplified Application – When applying to be a part of the Shareasale affiliate network, you only need to fill out a brief form with information about your website and pertinent tax information.
  • Bespoke Industries – You don’t just have access to big-name brands when you sign up with Shareasale. There are merchants and programs from all fields on the database.
  • Varied Commissions – The rates you get per sale are specified by the advertiser and are disclosed upfront before approval to that particular affiliate program.
  • Easy Tracking Tools – Shareasale provides each user with an individualized database that shows a variety of analytics. With this report, you can see which links are earning top dollar, which links are broken, and how many clicks you have.
  • Routine Expansion – Shareasale continually adds new brands and merchants daily. These changes allow you to find the perfect products and companies to partner with for your content.

Shareasale Cons

  • High Decline Rate – Shareasale routinely takes several days to respond to your application, which they can decline for various reasons. Sometimes Shareasale will deny your request because your email address is not linked to your website domain.
  • No Paypal As Payment – Shareasale has several different payment options, but they do not offer Paypal as one of them.
  • Dated Dashboard – In a world where many of the websites and portals that we see are high-end with various tech functionalities, the Shareasale platform falls flat.


screenshot of the skimlinks homepage

While Skimlinks has an arsenal of almost 50,000 merchants you can turn to for affiliate income potential, it’s not the same as those referenced above.

Instead of logging into a database to search for companies and products, you install a widget on your website, and your content determines which links you have on your page.

Our Rating

Four stars

Best For

Those who want a hands-off approach

Skimlinks Commission Rate

While Skimlinks recommends that merchants set their commission rates at between 10 and 15%, merchants are given the authority to determine their own levels.

Does Skimlinks Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • A hands-off approach to affiliate marketing
  • Publisher hub
  • Network-to-network opportunities

It’s rare to see competitors working alongside each other—however, Skimlinks partners with several affiliate networks to provide ample opportunities for publishers and merchants.

Your links automatically populate for you, and you can monitor their progress on your personalized hub.

Skimlinks Pros

  • Reduced Competition – instead of applying for several affiliate networks to reach the different brands that fit your profile, you can sign up for Skimlinks and benefit from their competitor agreements.
  • Two Ways To Link – While the primary way to include affiliate links on your page is by downloading the Javascript widget and letting it do the work for you, you can also take advantage of the link generator that Skimlinks offers.
  • No Individual Sign-Ups – With Skimlinks, you don’t have to sign up for individual programs. Once the network approves you, you can access all affiliate merchants in the database.
  • Thorough Reporting – One of the most appreciated features of Skimlinks is the detailed reports you can access through your dashboard. With this information, you can see what payments you have coming up and your link performance.
  • Merchant Forewarnings – When looking through the database of the various merchants Skimlinks partners with, you are privy to information that may affect your earnings. Therefore, if a company has filed for bankruptcy, you will see that partnering with them is at risk, and you can rethink your path.

Skimlinks Cons

  • Hefty Charges – Unlike other networks, Skimlinks charges a considerable amount for their service of 25% for each sale, paid for by the publisher.
  • Software Lag – Downloading the Javascript onto your website can cause your page to run at a considerably lower rate, which reduces the user experience and can cause them to venture to another site.
  • Lengthy Payment Periods – Merchants aren’t required to pay commissions immediately, and Skimlinks doesn’t compensate publishers until they have received their money. Therefore, you are often left waiting months to collect your earnings.

Rakuten Linkshare

screenshot of the rakuten advertising homepage

With a high-quality reputation influenced by its famous cash-back program, Rakuten has expanded to serve the affiliate marketing community in various ways.

With this program, you can represent brands and companies and earn commissions through different routes.

Our Rating

Four stars

Best For

Those who want a true merchant partnership

Rakuten Linkshare Commission Rate

Rakuten Linkshare recommends that all merchants give publishers a 30% commission rate.

However, this is at the company’s discretion.

Does Rakuten Linkshare Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Well-known brands
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy link creation

While Rakuten Linkshare doesn’t offer as many brands and companies as other networks, they have many big names on their roster.

You can search for these merchants on the Rakuten Linkshare portal and quickly generate a link for your chosen brand, company, or product.

Rakuten Linkshare Pros

  • Industry Longevity – The Rakuten Linkshare program has been around since the late 90s and was one of the first in the affiliate marketing field. Their lengthy operation has shown that they are a prominent force in the industry.
  • Simplistic Operations – The process of navigating the portal and database is natural, and users can learn the ins and outs of the program quite quickly.
  • Multiple Payment Options – When your funds are cleared (typically 60 days), you can obtain your earnings via direct deposit, check, and Paypal.
  • Minimal Threshold – Like Impact Affiliates, you don’t have to wait until you hit $100 before you can cash out your earnings. Rakuten Linkshare allows you to do so once you reach $50.
  • Customer Service Support – If you find that you require assistance, there are multiple channels you can use to contact a Rakuten Linkshare representative to get the necessary help.

Rakuten Linkshare Cons

  • Delayed Approval Process – After filling out the lengthy online application, it can take up to a week to hear back on your approval status.
  • Commission Rates Differ From Competitors – Many users have complained that the commission rates they receive from Rakuten Linkshare don’t match what the same brands offer on other platforms.
  • Extra Processing Time – If you choose to get paid by check for your affiliate earnings, you can expect to wait several weeks before it arrives.

Best Hosting Affiliate Programs

Hosting is also necessary when you have a website, as that keeps your page up and operating.

However, many don’t realize that you can also be an affiliate of your hosting company and get a commission for every new signup.


screenshot of the bluehost homepage

As one of the top-rated hosting sites, Bluehost offers a lucrative affiliate program.

While previously you were able to sign up directly through the company, the program is now offered in conjunction with the affiliate network Impact.

Our Rating

Five stars

Best For

Those who use WordPress or Bluehost

Bluehost Commission Rate

For each successful signup and purchase of a plan, the publisher receives $65

Does Bluehost Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Fast customer service responses
  • Fair commission rates
  • Positive reputation

Bluehost has been a favorite among bloggers for many years due to its high-quality hosting options.

With the significant commission you earn for each signup and the high-response customer support, the affiliate program has also been a long-standing favorite.

Bluehost Pros

  • Easy To Sign Up – The company provides a signup form on its website that is sent directly to Impact for review. The approval rating is high due to many affiliates already using the product.
  • Simplified Dashboard – To check the status of your referral link, you can easily log into the website and see the traffic that has come through. The dashboard has limited features, so confusion is at a minimum.
  • One Rate – Unlike other affiliate companies, Bluehost has one rate that they offer for all signups. No matter the size of the plan purchased, each publisher receives $65.
  • Fast Link Generation – Adding your referral link to your website is streamlined with Bluehost’s banner and link generator.
  • Growth Resources – Bluehost assists affiliates with marketing to get the most out of the program.

Bluehost Cons

  • Change In Operation – The commission rate when the program was run solely by Bluehost was higher. Now that it is operated by Impact, the rate has decreased.
  • One-Time Compensation – Once a blogger settles on a hosting company and plan, they will likely stick with them for many years. However, Bluehost will only compensate affiliates once for a successful signup.
  • Downgrade Penalties – Although you are given the same commission regardless of which plan is purchased by the new customer, the Bluehost affiliate program will also deduct your commission if they downgrade to a lower plan.


screenshot of the cloudways homepage

With Cloudways, you can choose which earning model you want to participate in.

Choose between Slab or Hybrid.

The Slab option puts you into a tier where you make more as you refer more.

Hybrid gives you a straight percentage.

You can switch back and forth between the two as you wish.

Our Rating

Five stars

Best For

Those who are in the tech field

Cloudways Commission Rate

This amount will vary depending on which earning method you choose, the tier you reside on, and which products you sell.

Does Cloudways Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Recurring commissions
  • Multi-method earnings
  • Various companies and products

Cloudways encompasses various companies with various products included in the affiliate program.

If you choose to participate in the Hybrid model, you can continue earning from those you referred to the company.

As long as they remain a customer, you will continue to collect commission.

Cloudways Pros

  • Choose Your Rate – With Cloudways, you can choose how you earn. You aren’t roped into a generic structure in which you have no say. You can also switch between the models at any time.
  • Different Companies – Cloudways works with five other providers in their affiliate program, allowing you to tout various products and services within your content.
  • Recurring Commission – There aren’t many companies that offer a recurring commission. With Cloudways, as long as your referral remains a customer, you will also earn from the sale.
  • Superior Assistance – There is a dedicated team behind the Cloudways affiliate program that wants to work with you to see the best results possible.
  • Great For All Sizes – To be successful with Cloudways, you don’t have to have a massive following on your website or social media. While it may bring in more sales, the affiliate team is happy to help develop marketing ideas for even the small sites.

Cloudways Cons

  • No Link Generator – To get your custom link, you must manually add your unique identifier to the affiliate link. There is no way to generate a custom URL automatically.
  • Confusing Dashboard – Because of the lack of a link generator, there is no way to track progress on your individual content links. The dashboard also isn’t as advanced as what you will see on other affiliate programs.
  • Best For Those With a Tech Focus – With the different products that Cloudways offers through their program, it can be challenging to include in some niches. If your content revolves around technology, you may be better able to include the links naturally.


screenshot of the hostgator homepage

As another hosting company, HostGator has an affiliate program that is operated in large part by Impact.

While they still offer a team that works directly with the partners and affiliates, the Impact affiliate network completes most of the payment and administrative functions.

Our Rating

Five stars

Best For

Competitive individuals

HostGator’s Commission Rate

This amount will vary depending on how many referrals you have.

Different tiers are provided, and the payout ranges from $65-$125 per signup.

Does HostGator Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Bonus structure
  • Tiered rate compensation
  • Multiple ad designs

HostGator speaks to those who have a competitive nature because they routinely offer bonus challenges to help you increase your earnings.

Otherwise, you are compensated based on how many signups you refer through your website ads or links.

HostGator Pros

  • No Minimum Requirements – You don’t have to sell a certain amount of products to remain in the program. Regardless if it is number one or 100, you have a place in the program.
  • Multiple Designs – When displaying your HostGator banners, you can choose from over 100 designs so that it matches your branding.
  • High Commission Rates – Depending on how many referrals you bring in, you can earn up to $125 per successful signup.
  • Custom Coupon Code – To entice new customers, HostGator provides affiliates with their own coupon codes to provide potential referrals with discounts on their plans.
  • Positive Reputation – Websites like TrustPilot have a high level of positive reviews for the HostGator company.

HostGator Cons

  • Lengthy Payment Period – Operated by Impact, the turnaround time to receive your commission earnings is over two months.
  • No Recurring Commissions – If your referral renews their plan the following year, you are not compensated for that sale.
  • Customer Support – While a dedicated team is in place to help you get sales, the support you get declines after the sale.


screenshot of the hostinger homepage

Hostinger is well known in the hosting community for its low-cost packages.

It’s an excellent option for those just starting out, and that principle also applies to publishers.

The Hostinger affiliate program offers high levels of commission no matter the size of your website.

Our Rating

Four stars

Best For

Websites of all traffic levels

Hostinger Commission Rate

The commission rate is a flat 60% for all purchases made through your custom affiliate link.

Does Hostinger Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Readily available marketing tools
  • Lengthy cookies
  • Global operations

When you are approved for the Hostinger affiliate program, you automatically gain access to a host of marketing tools and guides and an entire staff.

The designs are offered in various languages due to the company’s operation in over 40 countries.

Hostinger will retain the information for 30 days when someone clicks on your specific link.

Hostinger Pros

  • Easy Terms and Conditions – Hostinger breaks down the nuances associated with their program into simple terms. This layout makes it easier to understand the legal terms and what is and isn’t allowed.
  • Multiple Marketing Options – As a Hostinger affiliate, you can promote the items on various platforms. These include social media, YouTube, or a website.
  • High Commission Rate – When you refer a successful sale through your affiliate link, you will receive compensation for 60% of the purchase price.
  • Cookie Duration – If someone clicks through your link, Hostinger will hold their information within the site’s cookies for up to 30 days. Therefore, if they return to purchase later, you will still be compensated for the referral even if they don’t return to your link.
  • Simple Application Process – Hostinger states that their application can be completed in less than a minute, with approval coming in one to three days.

Hostinger Cons

  • No Recurring Commission – Even if your referred customer renews their plan with Hostinger, you don’t receive any additional commission.
  • Payment Threshold – If you use Paypal for payment, you must reach $100 to withdraw your funds. If you choose bank transfer, the total for withdrawal is $500.
  • Deactivation – If you don’t earn $75 within six months, Hostinger will reduce the funds you have made up until that point to $0.

WP Engine

screenshot of the WP engine affiliate program homepage

The power behind WordPress, WP Engine, is one of the go-to affiliate programs and is the recipient of many top accolades, including Merchant of the Year by Pinnacle.

They work with two different products, and publishers will enjoy a lengthy cookie duration and high compensation.

Our Rating

Four stars

Best For

High-traffic and high-end websites

WP Engine Commission Rate

$200 on the first sign-up or the client’s first monthly payment for hosting, $50 for themes, and an incentive bonus structure.

Does WP Engine Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • High commission rate
  • Two product lines
  • Incentive bonuses

When you join the WP Engine affiliate program, you are guaranteed a high commission payout for each referral you make that results in a plan or theme purchase.

Additionally, you are privy to an incentive bonus that provides additional earnings for different monthly sales tiers.

WP Engine Pros

  • Sell More and Earn More – You are entitled to an additional bonus depending on how much you sell each month. This amount can range anywhere from $100 to $1,500. The bonus tier starts at just five sales per month.
  • Earn From Two Products – WP Engine sells high-end hosting packages publishers can promote through the affiliate program. They also offer luxury website and blog themes that affiliates can market and earn commission from, which is also part of the bonus program.
  • Dedicated Manager – Once enrolled in the WP Engine affiliate program, you are assigned a manager to help you successfully market your custom affiliate links to earn the highest commission levels possible.
  • Quick Payment Turnaround – Instead of receiving payments months down the line, you will get your commission earnings within 45 days. All payments will come through the Shareasale affiliate network.
  • Custom Coupons – As a WP Engine affiliate, you will have access to bespoke coupons that you can use for marketing purposes. Passing along the savings to prospective customers can help to cement the sale and bring more earnings your way.

WP Engine Cons

  • Expensive Products – To be successful as a WP Engine affiliate, you have to cater to a relatively high-end audience. The hosting packages and themes offered by the company aren’t ideal for new or medium-range bloggers.
  • Cancellation Policy – WP Engine offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for new customers. Your commission will be revoked if a customer cancels their plan or purchase within that time frame.
  • Long-Haul Earnings – Because WP Engine is tailored to the narrow market, earning your first sale can take a long time. Therefore, you are unlikely to make a decent amount of commissions immediately.

Liquid Web

screenshot of the liquid web homepage

When you are an affiliate for Liquid Web, you have the ability to participate in two different programs.

The first is a standard affiliate option that you can market on your social media and website.

The other comes in the form of a friend referral program, where you get a set reward for successfully bringing a friend or family member to the company.

Our Rating

Four stars

Best For

Those looking for innocuous advertising

Liquid Web Commission Rate

You will earn a 150% commission on all successful referrals, no matter what plan is purchased.

For each referral, you will earn a minimum of $150.

Does Liquid Web Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Guaranteed minimum commission
  • Multiple linking options
  • Customized landing pages

When you sign up to be an affiliate with Liquid Web, you know that you will always earn at least $150 for each new referral.

Furthermore, you can choose from many different options for linking to the products, including having your own custom landing page.

Liquid Web Pros

  • Discrete Marketing – Out of the many options available to publishers, one of the most discrete is done through a graphic that states, “Powered by Liquid Web.” Having this as an option helps not to draw people’s focus away from the content but still generates interest.
  • 90-Day Cookies – Those who click on your affiliate link will stay registered within Liquid Web’s cookies for 90 days. Therefore, if a customer decides to buy a plan later, they will still receive credit for their purchase.
  • Hefty Commissions – It’s not common to receive a 150% commission on all successful referrals. However, Liquid Web offers this to all publishers.
  • Superior Customer Support – You can always contact a Liquid Web representative. If you run into any issues with your account, access to assistance is readily available.
  • Various Products – Liquid Web has many promotional plans and products for publishers. This variation gives more opportunities to earn high-level commissions.

Liquid Web Cons

  • Not Available Everywhere – There are many countries that Liquid Web doesn’t work in and where you can’t market your affiliate links.
  • No Paypal Payment Option – The only ways to receive your commission earnings are through direct deposit and check. Although it’s the preferred route, Liquid Web does not offer Paypal to its publishers.
  • Product Price – Like WP Engine, Liquid Web is priced to accommodate larger corporations and significantly trafficked sites. Therefore, the market for those interested in such a hefty hosting package is limited.


screenshot of the greengeeks homepage

As a more affordable option for newly created websites and beginner bloggers, GreenGeeks also provides a competitive affiliate program for publishers.

While the commission rates are lower than what you’d see on other platforms, the affordability aspect of the hosting gives it a more considerable market.

Our Rating

Three stars

Best For

Those with small websites or social media followings

GreenGeeks Commission Rate

You will earn at least $50 for each successful referral, with a bonus for subsequent sales.

Does GreenGeeks Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Streamlined payout
  • Custom rates
  • Large audience

GreenGeeks offers an efficient pay schedule that sends funds out once a month.

The company provides a custom rate in commission and incentives for those who can refer over ten sales per month.

The lower price point allows publishers to cater to a larger audience than other hosting plans.

GreenGeeks Pros

  • Multiple Payment Options – As a member of the GreenGeeks affiliate program, you can request to have your funds distributed via PayPal, direct deposit, or wire transfer. Fees may vary depending on which route you decide to take.
  • Budget-Friendly Products – It’s much easier to sell items that can more easily fit into a typical budget. The low cost of the hosting packages GreenGeeks offers makes them more appealing to a broad audience.
  • Collaboration – For high-traffic sites that generate a significant amount of referrals, it’s beneficial that you can collaborate with GreenGeeks to get a custom amount for the increase in sales.
  • Eco-Friendly – The primary focus behind the services offered by GreenGeeks is to create an environmentally friendly approach to web hosting. The company does this by using climate-friendly technology and processes.
  • High-Quality Hosting – You might think that with the low cost associated with the GreenGeeks hosting plans, you won’t receive quality service. But that’s not the case. The servers and technology are top-notch and provide an excellent and fast speed to all websites and clients.

GreenGeeks Cons

  • Low Commission Rate – Compared to many other companies, the compensation for a successful referral at GreenGeeks is at the low end.
  • No Recurring Commission – Even if your referral renews their hosting plan yearly, you won’t receive any additional compensation.
  • Low Bonuses – Bigger affiliate programs offer higher-level bonuses to their publishers to increase motivation to gain more sales. Unfortunately, GreenGeeks does not have a system in place to offer such rewards.

Best Website Creator Affiliate Programs

In the past, if you wanted to create a beautiful and appealing website, you had to pay a significant amount of money for a professional to do it or learn how to do it yourself.

Both routes took time and money.

As technology has grown, the inclusion of website builders has come to the forefront; many of which offer lucrative affiliate programs.


screenshot of the shopify homepage

Known as a popular e-commerce website builder, Shopify is used by many online boutiques and stores.

As an affiliate program, Shopify provides compensation for those who refer new customers to the platform.

Our Rating

Five stars

Best For

Those with an e-commerce audience

Shopify Commission Rate

The exact rate will depend on the plan purchased through the referral link, but the average amount is $100 per lead.

Does Shopify Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Unlimited commission
  • Streamlined dashboard
  • Growth resources

As a Shopify affiliate, you are granted the ability to earn as much as possible through your custom links, which you can track through your personalized dashboard.

To grow your affiliate business, you can utilize the complimentary materials provided by Shopify to elevate your marketing efforts.

Shopify Pros

  • Well-Known Business – Shopify is a common name in e-commerce, and many immediately go to the website builder when looking to open an online store. This mentality helps affiliates to make successful sales.
  • Competitive Compensation – With an average of $100 per sale in commission, the number of earnings one person can bring in will quickly add up.
  • User-Friendly Dashboard – The Shopify system setup allows users to acclimate to the technology naturally and without a significant learning curve.
  • Top Customer Support – The Shopify company is known for high-quality customer support to its users. When a problem arises, they are quick to address the issue and get it resolved.
  • Broad Audience – The number of e-commerce businesses that open daily is astronomical. Learning how to do it on your own can be overwhelming, so it’s common for entrepreneurs to search for a more straightforward method.

Shopify Cons

  • Payment Limitations – Shopify only sends commission payments through PayPal. While this isn’t a deal breaker, it can be highly inconvenient for some publishers.
  • Coding Knowledge Needed – To use some of the features offered through the Shopify affiliate program, it’s necessary to know coding in its basic form.
  • Expensive Product – The services provided by Shopify don’t come cheap. While it is widely used, it’s not a decision that purchasers often make impulsively.


screenshot of the wix affiliate homepage

One of the most popular website builders available on the market also offers an affiliate program for product users.

Whenever someone uses your affiliate link to purchase a Wix premium plan, you will earn a commission, with an unlimited amount of referrals per publisher.

Our Rating

Four stars

Best For

All blog and website niches

Wix Commission Rate

For each successful referral that purchases a premium plan, the publisher will earn $100 in commission.

Does Wix Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • A limited return policy
  • Monthly payments
  • 30-day cookies

While some companies offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for customers, Wix operates on a 14-day free trial, providing a minimal window for losing your commission.

You also get a 30-day cookie duration, allowing ample opportunity for sales.

Once you reach the payment threshold, you receive your earnings monthly.

Wix Pros

  • Generous Commission – Each referral of a premium plan nets the publisher $100 in earnings.
  • Popular Products – Wix is well known for its website builder platform and the extensive marketing that the company does helps to inform new customers. Therefore, a reader is likelier to click on a Wix affiliate link due to its positive reputation.
  • No Loss Of Earnings – Wix does not deactivate your account if you don’t earn the minimum amount needed for the payment. Instead, your earnings will carry over until you have enough to withdraw.
  • Constantly Updated Materials – Wix provides an ongoing database of creatives to help publishers drive more sales to the platform. These are free to use for all affiliate program members.
  • First Click Earnings – On many affiliate platforms, if a prospective customer clicks on your link and then another person’s link, the most recent link will earn the commission. However, the first click remains in place with Wix for 30 days.

Wix Cons

  • High Payment Threshold – To withdraw your earnings from Wix, you must reach $300 in sales. Your funds will carry over monthly until you get the necessary amount.
  • Invoicing – Instead of automatically getting your earned commissions deposited, you must invoice Wix to receive your funds.
  • Lack of Bonuses – As an affiliate for Wix, you are privy to the $100 commission per sale. However, there aren’t additional incentives you can earn.


screenshot of the squarespace homepage

Another excellent option for an affiliate program is with Squarespace.

As a well-known website builder and domain name company, they experience significant amounts of traffic daily.

It’s easy to earn a decent commission as a publisher through this affiliate program.

Our Rating

Four stars

Best For

Those new to affiliate marketing

Squarespace Commission Rate

The rate will vary depending on the purchased plan but ranges from $100 to $200.

Does Squarespace Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Low payment threshold
  • Multiple payment options
  • Expansive customer service

Whereas other programs have a higher payout level, SquareSpace allows publishers to deposit funds into their accounts after just $10.

Additionally, you can withdraw through several methods, including PayPal and direct deposit.

A dedicated affiliate customer service team is waiting to help if you run into any issues.

Squarespace Pros

  • Lengthy Cookies – As a publisher with SquareSpace, you will be allotted a 45-day cookie window to help obtain commission earnings.
  • Unlimited Referrals – You aren’t capped at earning a specific amount of commissions. Squarespace encourages publishers to drive as many potential customers to the platform as possible.
  • High-End Tracking – Your dashboard will allow you to track each individual link and banner ad to see how their performance stacks up against others.
  • Fair Compensation – For each successful referral, affiliates earn an average of $100-$200.
  • Frequent Communication – SquareSpace makes every effort to communicate with its affiliate program members. They send a monthly newsletter to all publishers to keep everyone updated on the latest changes and promotions.

Squarespace Cons

  • No Earnings On Products – While you can earn commission on the SquareSpace plans, you will not earn anything on their individual products, including domain names.
  • Low Acceptance Rate – Run by Impact, the SquareSpace affiliate program often takes five days or more for approval. Furthermore, the chances of approval are dismal, with many not meeting the internal criteria set forth but not publicly released.
  • Lack of Incentives – Outside of the commission rate, which the company doesn’t explain in a detailed manner on their website or Terms and Conditions, Squarespace doesn’t offer any additional forms of incentive like multi-sale bonuses.


screenshot of the bigcommerce homepage

Although a lesser-known website builder platform, BigCommerce offers ample opportunities for commission income.

With their competitive rates and premium features, converting readers to BigCommerce customers is more manageable than other big-name programs.

Our Rating

Four stars

Best For

Those looking to bring business to the underdogs

BigCommerce Commission Rate

The standard commission rate is 200% of the sold plan price.

However, if your referral chooses an Enterprise plan, you will earn $1,500.

Does BigCommerce Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Daily pay
  • No minimum commitments
  • High bounties

The amount of money you can earn with BigCommerce is substantial, with a guaranteed 200% with each successful referral.

Additionally, you aren’t bound to a particular sales level to remain an affiliate, and you can choose to withdraw your earnings daily if funds are available.

BigCommerce Pros

  • Dedicated Manager – When you are approved to be an affiliate for BigCommerce, you are immediately assigned to an on-staff manager who will help you to customize your content to achieve a maximum payout.
  • Commission On Products – You aren’t limited to just earning on sold packages. Affiliates can also bring in commission on products and registrations.
  • No Fees – After making a referral, you are not responsible for any fees associated with purchasing a plan or registering an account.
  • Lengthy Cookie Period – BigCommerce provides each affiliate with a 90-day cookie, allowing them to collect commissions on referrals long after the initial visit.
  • Webinars and Tutorials – BigCommerce understands that not everyone is fully versed in the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. Therefore, they provide ample learning materials to help new affiliate program members.

BigCommerce Cons

  • Extensive Cancelation Period – The time between making a referral and getting the commission is over two months. During that time, it is possible for your sale to get canceled and for you to lose all earnings.
  • Confusing Website – It’s challenging to find the BigCommerce affiliate program online and through their primary company website. Additionally, the information on the site is hard to comprehend in certain areas.
  • Last Click Operation – Unlike Wix, BigCommerce functions on a last click referral basis. Therefore, if someone initially reviews the plans through your affiliate link but then returns to the site later on under a different affiliation, you won’t receive any compensation.


screenshot of the sellfy homepage

As another e-commerce platform that helps up-and-coming business owners to create an online store, Sellfy has various plans that fit a range of budgets.

While their website builder has many competitive elements in the industry, their affiliate program comes up a bit short compared to others.

Our Rating

Three stars

Best For

Those needing affiliate experience

Sellfy Commission Rate

The amount of commission you make will depend on how many sales you provide in a month.

The percentage starts at 25% of the purchase price and goes up to 40%.

Does Sellfy Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Minimal restrictions
  • Long cookie duration
  • GrowSumo management

When you sign on to be an affiliate for Sellfy, you will have a lot of wiggle room for creation and the ability to enjoy a lengthy cookie period for referrals.

GrowSumo manages the program, giving you access to other affiliations within its network.

Sellfy Pros

  • Streamlined Package Offerings – The Sellfy company doesn’t have an elaborate list of packages and products. It’s easier to understand all the nuances when only a few choices are available.
  • Tier Earnings – The more you sell, the more you will earn. Although the initial percentage is low, you can increase your rate as you continue referring new creators.
  • Tools For Success – Sellfy has created a database of marketing tools you can utilize to reach your commission goals.
  • No Platform Limitations – Whereas some affiliate programs require you to have a website with a certain amount of visits per month, Sellfy has an expanded list of qualifications that don’t need a high-trafficked page.
  • Easy Sign-Up Process – The amount of time for approval is minimal, and the online application only takes a few minutes to complete.

Sellfy Cons

  • Minimal Payout – The commission rate is meager compared to other affiliate programs.
  • Sponsored Reviews – Sellfy is one of the few affiliate program sites that pay for bloggers to review their site. With this arrangement, you aren’t guaranteed a fair and accurate review.
  • No Recurring Commission – With Sellfy, you will only earn commission on the first sale. If the customer renews their plan, you will not see additional compensation.


screenshot of the weebly affiliate program homepage

Operated by Shareasale, the Weebly affiliate program is tied to the mainstream website builder program and the point of sale system Square.

The program offers one of the most prolonged cookie windows among affiliate programs and a well-structured compensation plan.

Our Rating

Three stars

Best For

Those using square point of sale

Weebly Commission Rate

The commission rate comes in at 30% for all purchases made through an affiliate link.

Does Weebly Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • 120-day cookie duration
  • Available In multiple countries
  • Monthly payments

As one of the most extended cookie periods among affiliate programs, Weebly allows you to earn over longer durations and take advantage of monthly payments.

They also don’t limit where you live; the company works in multiple countries.

Weebly Pros

  • Tied to Top Company Square – As one of the predominant point of sale companies, Square drives many sales. Weebly is a website builder connected to the Square functionality.
  • Multiple Payment Options – You can choose to get your commission funds through direct deposit, check, or Payoneer.
  • Multi-Language Operations – You don’t have to worry about translation when working with prospective customers in other countries. Weebly provides its materials in several different language options.
  • Real-Time Reporting – You can get up-to-the-minute updates on your commissions and referrals through the detailed dashboard.
  • Bonus Opportunities – In addition to the regular commission, you can take advantage of several bonus opportunities that Weebly provides.

Weebly Cons

  • Low Commission Rate – With Weebly, you only get a 30% based commission on products sold.
  • Saturated Market – Weebly is such a popular platform that many affiliates are competing for sales. Therefore it’s hard to pin down a referral.
  • No Direct Assistance – Unlike other programs, Weebly doesn’t offer a manager to help you get your affiliate business off the ground.


screenshot of the clickmeter affiliate program homepage

As a lesser-known company, ClickMeter offers ample opportunities for earning commission through its various products, including its website builder.

With this program, you have the potential to make a high percentage commission in a short period.

Our Rating

Three stars

Best For

Those looking to learn

ClickMeter Commission Rate

With the ClickMeter program, you can earn up to 90% commission through affiliated links.

Does ClickMeter Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Lengthy cookies
  • High payout
  • Smaller market

ClickMeter offers cookie functionality that sits on the high-end of the spectrum at 120 days.

You can also earn a 90% commission, adding up to almost $1,000 for one sale.

Because ClickMeter is less popular than other companies but has premium features, you can take advantage of a smaller market and less affiliate competition.

ClickMeter Pros

  • Ongoing Assistance – If you run into issues where your commission and clicks aren’t where you want them to be, you can obtain the aid of an affiliate manager through ClickMeter.
  • No Earning Caps – With ClickMeter, you aren’t limited in how much you can earn. You can refer as many prospective customers as you wish, with no caps on your earning potential.
  • Zero Fees – Some affiliate programs require you to pay fees out of your commission. However, ClickMeter doesn’t require publishers to take on this expense.
  • Multiple Routes – You don’t have to just use a website to gain traffic through your affiliate link. You can also market through social media, email lists, and articles.
  • Simple Sign-Up Process – The four-step process to sign up for ClickMeter takes a matter of minutes with a quick approval turnaround.

ClickMeter Cons

  • Limited Customer Service Channels – The affiliate program doesn’t have multiple options for reaching out to customer service. Typically you have to resort to emailing your questions and waiting for a response.
  • Extensive Product Portfolio – The ClickMeter website builder is just one of many products sold by the company. If you choose to refer people for the additional items, you will need to research them thoroughly.
  • No Recurring Commission – You are only compensated for the first purchase from a referral. Subsequent orders will not be eligible for commission.


screenshot of the site123 affiliate program homepage

Known for its budget-friendly website builder options, Site123 is earning a growing reputation for its ability to help small businesses and bloggers gain traction on the internet.

Additionally, through their affiliate program, you can earn income by referring potential customers.

Our Rating

Three stars

Best For

Those hoping for easy passive income

Site123 Commission Rate

You earn a fixed price for each plan sold, ranging from $135 to $420.

Does Site123 Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Tiered compensation
  • Fixed-rate commission
  • No third-party fees

With Site123, you don’t have to worry about paying extra fees from what you earn with a commission.

Instead, you are given a tiered and fixed commission based on the longevity of the plan sold.

For lengthier projects, you make a higher amount.

Site123 Pros

  • Consistent Pay Rate – You will always know how much to expect per sale with Site123’s unique pay scale that varies based on the length of the plan purchased.
  • 24/7 Support – No matter your time zone, you can always obtain assistance from a customer service representative of the Site123 affiliate program.
  • Transparent Dashboard – Site123 prides itself on having full transparency with affiliates. Therefore, you can monitor your earnings and clicks at any time through the company dashboard.
  • Multiple Advertising Routes – You aren’t limited to just one way of advertising your affiliate link. Site123 permits you to use social media, banner ads, email marketing, and more.
  • Free Sign-Up – You don’t have to worry about paying any enrollment fee. Being part of the Site123 affiliate program comes with no additional costs.

Site123 Cons

  • Limited Payment Options – You can only receive your earnings through PayPal, and this option is available once you meet the $300 payment threshold.
  • No Creatives – Unlike more extensive affiliate programs, Site123 doesn’t provide unique marketing materials for advertising the company.
  • Limited Conversion Information – While Site123 gives basic information about the commission, you don’t get a full breakdown until you sign-up and are approved for the program.


screenshot of the click funnels affiliate program homepage

As a company that provides services to help websites bring in higher traffic, they also pay affiliates to bring in more business for them.

With ClickFunnels, you have the potential to make a fair amount of commission, but it comes with many caveats.

Our Rating

Two stars

Best For

Those familiar with ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels’ Commission Rate

The commission rate for ClickFunnels runs from 20% to 40%, depending on what is purchased.

Does ClickFunnels Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • High earning potential
  • Endless resources
  • Large network

Since ClickFunnels’ company is based on building traffic, it’s no wonder they have a detailed affiliate program in place.

This one comes with a high level of earning potential, a significant amount of learning material, and an excellent support team to turn to for assistance at any time.

ClickFunnels Pros

  • Experts In The Field – ClickFunnels’ entire operation focuses on helping build audiences and views for websites and businesses. Therefore, you know they are going in the right direction with an affiliate program.
  • Recurring Commission – There aren’t many programs offering recurring commissions to affiliates. However, ClickFunnels provides 40% on all repeat sales.
  • Learning Materials – Upon sign-up and approval, ClickFunnels provides all affiliate program members with a custom e-book centered around being successful in affiliate marketing.
  • Specialized Networks – As a ClickFunnels affiliate, you gain exclusive access to a private Facebook group and affiliate marketing boot camp.
  • Bonuses On New Products – When ClickFunnels releases new products and books, you will get additional earnings for every sale of the latest items.

ClickFunnels Cons

  • Confusing Terms – The ClickFunnels compensation plan is multi-tiered with many moving parts. New affiliate members start at a certain percentage and work their way up. However, certain products receive a commission of a higher rate.
  • Vague Details – On their website, ClickFunnels does not give a detailed layout of payment details, compensation plans, platform requirements, or many other essential components.
  • Gimmicky Website – The overall appearance of the ClickFunnels website is enough to draw prospective customers away. This aspect may make it difficult to bring in new sales. Additionally, many ClickFunnels affiliate websites appear as sponsored ads on search engines, making it challenging to find the actual affiliate program website.

Best Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

There’s a lot that website owners can say about the value of email marketing and mailing lists.

What’s more is that many of the best companies offer affiliate programs to users, allowing them to earn extra income.


screenshot of the sendiblue affiliate program homepage

The beauty of Sendinblue is that, as a creator, you can set up your email message to your subscribers and then forget about it.

Sendinblue does the rest and takes the work off of your hands.

With their affiliate program, you get a commission for basic sign-ups, making it an excellent option for all.

Our Rating

Three stars

Best For

Those with low traffic

Sendinblue’s Commission Rate

You earn a set rate for each action.

This amount includes $5 for each sign-up and $100 upon purchasing a plan.

Does Sendinblue Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Minimal criteria
  • Easy commission
  • 90-day cookies

The Sendinblue affiliate program is a no-nonsense option that has minimal restrictions and allows you to earn a commission with just a free sign-up.

For commission earned from the purchase of a plan, cookies remain in effect for 90 days.

Sendinblue Pros

  • Earnings on Sign-Ups – It is rare for a company to offer a commission based on a free sign-up. However, Sendinblue gives $5 to each new user that signs up for an account.
  • Streamlined Rates – There are only two rate options for your affiliate commission: $5 and $100.
  • Real-Time Tracking – The Sendinblue dashboard has updated information for you to review, allowing you to see your current earnings and link clicks.
  • PayPal Payments – Sendinblue offers program members the ability to choose between direct deposit or PayPal for their earnings.
  • Monthly Payments – Once you earn your first commission from selling a plan, you are entitled to monthly withdrawals of your earnings.

Sendinblue Cons

  • Domain Email Required – To be approved for the Sendinblue affiliate program, you must use an email address with your domain included. Using a free email service will decrease your chances of getting approved.
  • Minimal Detail – When you review the Sendinblue website, you aren’t given much information regarding program specifics. You won’t find terms and conditions or detailed rate information on the page.
  • No Bonuses – As an affiliate program, Sendinblue does not offer additional incentives outside standard commissions.


screenshot of the mailchimp affiliate program homepage

As a partner to Intuit, Mailchimp has gained much traction throughout the years.

The company is known for its well-oiled email marketing machine and the different features they include in its offerings.

Their affiliate program helps current users refer new customers for extra income.

Our Rating

Two stars

Best For

Those who pay for a Mailchimp plan

Mailchimp’s Commission Rate

You earn $30 in bill credits for each person you refer and sign up for a paid plan.

Does Mailchimp Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Minimal restrictions
  • Easy earnings
  • Simplified payment transfer

Mailchimp doesn’t offer a typical affiliate program because they operate a referral option with fewer restrictions.

If you have a paid plan with Mailchimp and you refer a new customer who signs up for a paid plan, you earn a $30 bill credit.

This amount will immediately come off your next payment.

Mailchimp Pros

  • Easy Earnings For Current Members – If you hold a plan with Mailchimp, it’s not a lot of extra work to refer others to the platform and earn a bit of commission.
  • Streamlined Sign-Ups – All current paid plan members can enroll in the referral program without additional cost or approval.
  • Simple Recruiting – Bringing new customers on board is easier with a referral program, as those who seek out such scenarios are often already interested in the product or service.
  • Instant Payment: When your next bill comes along for your personal Mailchimp plan, the amount you have in referral credits will instantly come off your balance.
  • Exclusive Content: Those who refer a new customer to the program and the person they refer are entitled to exclusive marketing materials from Mailchimp.

Mailchimp Cons

  • Minimal Earning Potential – Due to it being a referral plan, you are limited on how you can earn money through your affiliate link.
  • Vague Terms and Conditions – The Mailchimp affiliate website doesn’t offer much detail regarding terms and conditions for the program, leaving a lot out when you’re trying to decipher if it’s a good fit.
  • One and Done – Even if the individual you referred renews their plan, you only earn your $30 commission once.


screenshot of the activecampaign homepage

In what is rare in the affiliate world, ActiveCampaign offers a recurring commission to those who successfully refer new customers to the platform and continue to renew their plans.

With the hassle of setting up a mailing list, customers will probably stay with the platform.

Earning an ongoing commission is the icing on the cake for the affiliates.

Our Rating

Four stars

Best For

Those looking to put in the work upfront

ActiveCampaign Commission Rate

With the sale of each plan, you will earn a 20 to 30% commission.

Does ActiveCampaign Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Ongoing income
  • Multiple plans
  • Instant approval

Not only does ActiveCampaign offer recurring commissions, but they also give out instant approvals for new sign-ups to their affiliate program.

Pairing this with the multiple plans they offer for sale, you have many avenues to earn bonus income.

ActiveCampaign Pros

  • High Levels of Commission – While the percentage is lower than in other programs, the fact that you can continue earning without any extra work helps the commission stack up.
  • Simple Application Process – Once you fill out the application to be included in the ActiveCampaign affiliate program, you are automatically approved and ready to use your custom link immediately.
  • Affiliate Starter Pack – ActiveCampaign provides all their new affiliate publishers with a starter pack that helps them get started and succeed in their endeavors.
  • Vast Network – ActiveCampaign services over 170 companies and multiple languages. Therefore you aren’t limited in the places where you can market and refer new customers.
  • Multiple Award Winner – As a company, ActiveCampaign has earned many different industry awards for their high-quality products and plans.

ActiveCampaign Cons

  • Low Overall Percentage – Although recurring, the commission percentage provided by ActiveCampaign is low by industry standards.
  • Saturated Market – Due to the high acceptance rate, the amount of affiliate program members is very high. This amount of members can sometimes lead to more competition regarding earning commission and referrals.
  • No Bonuses – ActiveCampaign doesn’t offer additional incentives outside its standard commission plan.


screenshot of the moosend affiliate programhomepage

Moosend works with many high-end companies to create automated email marketing systems that drive traffic to websites and make sales.

Many users of Moosend go on to become affiliate members of their referral program.

So, how does it stack up to the others?

Our Rating

Two stars

Best For

Those who have a varied audience

Moosend’s Commission Rate

Each successful plan resulting from an affiliate link referral is allotted a 30% commission.

Does Moosend Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Recurring commission
  • Fixed-rate
  • Low minimum payout

While most affiliate programs require you to reach a high earnings level before cashing out, that’s not the case with Moosend.

This affiliate program allows you to do so at just $25.

Additionally, you enjoy a fixed rate commission recurring at 30%.

Moosend Pros

  • Easy Approval Odds – The Moosend affiliate program isn’t as highly selective as other options on the market when the chances of being approved are high.
  • Ongoing Earnings – You will not only earn a commission from the first sale following your referral, but you will continue to earn as long as they hold their plan with Moosend.
  • Popular Products – Moosend is rising in the email marketing industry, with many new customers coming on board every day.
  • Quick Payment – You don’t have to wait for a high earnings level to cash out your commission; the threshold is just $25.
  • Monthly Pay Dates – Each month, your available earnings are sent to your payment method of choice. Payments are made on the same day each month.

Moosend Cons

  • Low Commission Rate – Compared to other company affiliate programs in the industry, Moosend offers a low-level commission rate.
  • No Direct Deposit – With Moosend, you can only choose from Stripe or PayPal for your commission payment method. There is no direct deposit or check option.
  • No Bonuses – Your commission is limited to the 30% you earn on paid plans.


screenshot of the getresponse affiliate programhomepage

As an email marketing company, GetResponse offers many products that fit the needs of many bloggers and business owners.

Their affiliate program allows publishers to collect earnings on initial purchases and recurring commissions.

Our Rating

Three stars

Best For

Those with small amounts of traffic

GetResponse’s Commission Rate

The first purchase made by a customer through your custom affiliate link nets you $100 in commission.

Future recurring purchases come with a 33% commission rate.

Does GetResponse Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Caters to small sites
  • Fair commission
  • Unique products

GetResponse offers multiple items that help companies to expand their platform, which drives more people to the website.

When those individuals utilize your custom affiliate link, you gain a fair commission that is recurring.

Even those with small audiences can earn a modest compensation with GetResponse.

GetResponse Pros

  • Easy To Integrate – The affiliate dashboard and custom link generation offer a simplified integration method into your personal website and social media.
  • Several Options to Earn – With GetResponse, you don’t just earn from the first sale. You will also get 33% of the sale proceeds every time a referral renews their plan.
  • Marketing Consultants Available – If you are feeling stuck or your earnings have gone down, GetResponse has a team of consultants available to help you boost your sales and get back on pace.
  • Two Programs – GetResponse offers an affiliate and bounty program, both free to join. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can join one or both of the programs to market on your site and social media.
  • Open To All – You don’t have to have a website to be part of the affiliate program. While it’s helpful, you can also utilize a YouTube channel, social media profile, or other marketing platforms you run.

GetResponse Cons

  • Last Click Referral – If someone clicks on your affiliate link but then later accesses the plans through another link, the last click is the one that gets the referral and subsequent commission.
  • Two Different Pay Models – With GetResponse, you are subject to two different pay schedules for the various programs. One is paid out monthly, whereas the other is 60-90 days before earnings are available.
  • Lack of Bonuses – Outside of the two affiliate programs available, the company doesn’t offer any bonuses to earn additional commission.


screenshot of the AWeber affiliate programhomepage

When you sign up for the AWeber referral program, known as AWeber Advocates, you are gifted with a high recurring commission rate.

This rate can turn out thousands of dollars with just one click of your custom link.

Our Rating

Four stars

Best For

Those looking for an optimal passive income experience

AWeber’s Commission Rate

You are subject to a 30% to 50% commission for all purchases made through your affiliate link.

Does AWeber Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Hands-off earning
  • Tiered commission levels
  • Marketing templates

With AWeber, you are afforded a passive income sales approach with unlimited recurring commissions on products sold.

The more sales you make, the higher you earn in commissions.

To help you with this feat, the company provides ample marketing materials and sample templates for your use.

AWeber Pros

  • Opportunities to Earn More: With the commission scale, you can start at 30% and make your way to a 50% commission rate on each sale.
  • Learning Opportunities: AWeber provides a digital library of resources for you to peruse and learn more about successful affiliate marketing.
  • 24/7 Support: The customer service representatives at AWeber are available around the clock to help you in times of need.
  • Canva Partnership: AWeber works with the graphic design company Canva to create customized website and email marketing templates.
  • Sale Notification: Once you have made a sale with your affiliate link, the company will immediately notify you by email.

AWeber Cons

  • Misleading Marketing – While AWeber advertises 50% in commissions when you read the fine print, you see that the 50% is limited to those who make over 50 sales within 12 months.
  • Free Plan – AWeber provides a free plan to those with less than 500 subscribers. Referrals that result in that plan don’t earn a commission.
  • Multiple Advertising Restrictions – Many specific clauses in the user agreement speak to how you can and can’t advertise your affiliation with AWeber.


screenshot of the convertkit affiliate programhomepage

ConvertKit is a famous email marketing company that many know by name.

However, it isn’t as well known that they have a successful affiliate company.

Anyone can market ConvertKit, no matter their platform.

They offer educational materials to help get you started, and then you can be on your way to earning extra income.

Our Rating

Three stars

Best For

Those looking for an opportunity to learn

ConvertKit’s Commission Rate

With ConvertKit’s affiliate program, you earn 30% for 24 months each time you refer a new customer.

Does ConvertKit Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Ongoing commission
  • Webinars
  • Flexible online presence

With ConvertKit, you can expect to be paid ongoing earnings that will bring in passive income for two years.

To learn the ins and outs of the program, you are given evergreen webinars and resources to use on your platform of choice, whether a website or social media.

ConvertKit Pros

  • Extended Earnings – With ConvertKit, you can get two years of commission with one sale. With the sale of one plan, you can receive 30% each month for 24 months.
  • Educational Resources – ConvertKit believes in building up its affiliates to be successful online. Therefore, they regularly create and distribute learning materials and webinars to help those in the program.
  • No Strings Attached – To be part of the ConvertKit affiliate program, you don’t even need to use the program yourself. While this helps provide testimony to prospective clients, it’s not necessary or required.
  • Marketing Graphics – To help you effectively promote the product, ConvertKit provides you with customizable graphics to use in your marketing efforts.
  • Quick Sign-Up – Becoming part of the ConvertKit affiliate program is streamlined, efficient, and straightforward.

ConvertKit Cons

  • Limited Information – You don’t find anything in the way of terms and conditions on the ConvertKit affiliate program website. Therefore it’s hard to understand the restrictions in place with the program.
  • Established Platform Needed – This program isn’t for those starting in affiliate marketing, as they need to have an already established audience and platform.
  • Minimal Dashboard Features – ConvertKit promotes a dashboard that keeps you updated on your sales but doesn’t offer information as to the other tracking stats.

Best Digital Marketing Affiliate Programs

When it comes to being successful online, many companies and programs are available to help you reach your goals.

Digital marketing is a big contender, helping websites and businesses get the word out on their products and services.


screenshot of the jasper AI affiliate programhomepage

One of the most remarkable things about the Jasper affiliate program is that you get a commission, and the person who clicks on your links also gets an incentive.

Having an option where both parties get something out of the deal is an excellent method for reeling in new referrals.

Our Rating

Five stars

Best For

Those wanting to help others

Jasper’s Commission Rate

With Jasper’s affiliate program, you earn a 30% recurring commission for the life of your referral plan.

Does Jasper Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Affiliate and Referral Incentive
  • Recurring Commission
  • Top Reviews

It’s easy to know when you have a great affiliate program by the number of positive reviews that publishers (past and current) have left.

Jasper has many high ratings, which is understandable considering the incentives offered and the recurring commission.

Jasper Pros

  • Helps to Grow Referral’s Business – Jasper takes the well-being of their affiliates and those they refer to heart. When new customers come on board through an affiliate link, they are given a leg up in free product offers.
  • Ongoing Commission – When you successfully refer a new customer, you get a 30% commission on the price of their plan each month while they have their subscription.
  • High-Quality Product – Jasper has a lot of big-name clients, meaning that it has a positive reputation in the digital marketing industry.
  • Complimentary Materials – When approved to be a Jasper affiliate, you are given marketing materials that have proven effective for many in the program.
  • PayPal Earnings – For those in the affiliate program, you can obtain your commission earnings through PayPal, which is a much-preferred payment method for many.

Jasper Cons

  • Vague Details – The Jasper website doesn’t offer much detail regarding compensation, payment methods, and exclusions.
  • No Direct Deposit – While many affiliate program members appreciate having PayPal as an option, having a direct deposit is also desired.
  • Not For Beginners – The Jasper affiliate program is aimed toward individuals and websites that offer complementary products to what Jasper offers.


screenshot of the elementor affiliate program homepage

The Elementor company aims to assist creators with earning the needed income to stay afloat in the online industry.

Because of this, they have a high-quality affiliate program in place for those who want to promote the many products and plans that Elementor offers for digital marketing.

Our Rating

Three stars

Best For

Those looking to stay afloat

Elementor’s Commission Rate

As part of the Elementor affiliate program, you can earn a flat $70 commission or 50%, depending on which product or plan is sold.

Does Elementor Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features:

  • Multiple earning methods
  • High commission rates
  • Various platforms

Elementor has two routes that permit you to earn a commission, providing affiliates with significant earnings.

Additionally, they work with creators of all types who reside on various platforms, from websites to social media.

Elementor Pros:

  • Two Programs In One – With Elementor, you have two different ways to earn a commission, one with a fixed amount and the other as a recurring percentage.
  • 50% Commission – As one of the highest commission rates in affiliate marketing, you can earn up to 50% commission on a referral.
  • Multiple Products – There are specific earning percentages for different products and plans. This division helps to cater to the particular needs of your audience.
  • Wide Net – Elementor works with various online personalities, including content creators, web education experts, and social media influencers.
  • Detailed Dashboard – The Elementor affiliate program provides members with a personalized dashboard that customizes their data and offers updated information on their earned commission and link clicks.

Elementor Cons

  • Payment Method – When it’s time to withdraw your commission earnings, the only option available is through the company’s program, PartnerStack.
  • High Threshold- You can only cash out your commission earnings once you reach $200 in your Elementor account.
  • No Modification – While Elementor provides you with a library of creatives to use for marketing purposes, you aren’t allowed to edit them to personalize them to your link.

Tailor Brands

screenshot of the tailor brands affiliate program homepage

As an affiliate program, Tailor Brands gives you the leniency to market the products you feel comfortable with and make a commission on those alone.

With this mindset, you can cater to your specific audience without feeling like you’re pushing unwanted items on them.

Our Rating

Three stars

Best For

Those with a narrow-focused niche

Tailor Brands Commission Rate

The Tailor Brand website discloses that you can earn up to $500 in commission.

Does Tailor Brands Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features:

  • High compensation
  • Freedom to choose
  • Professional support

When you become part of Tailor Brand’s affiliate program, you are assisted through the process by a team of professional support personnel.

These individuals will help you choose the best products to promote for the highest commission amounts.

Tailor Brands Pros

  • Personal Dashboard – You can set up several different campaigns with the various products available to promote. With your custom dashboard, you can monitor their success and what earnings they have received.
  • Wide Range of Products – Tailor Brands focuses on the logo and design creation. They offer this ability through many different avenues, giving you the option to market the specific products that work with your niche.
  • Direct Deposit – When withdrawing your earnings, you can utilize a direct deposit option and get the funds sent directly to your bank account.
  • Marketing Materials – Tailor Brands provides affiliate program members with banners, graphics, and images to help promote the company and its products.
  • New Company – Tailor Brands was started in 2014 and is considered an up-and-coming business. The likelihood of expansion is high.

Tailor Brands Cons

  • No PayPal Option – When withdrawing your earnings, you cannot utilize PayPal to get your commission. The only option available is direct deposit with your bank.
  • Cookies – Tailor Brands offers a short cookie duration compared to other affiliate programs in the industry. With only 30 days, you have a limited span to make the sale.
  • Little Information – On the Tailor Brands affiliate program website, you won’t find a breakdown of commission or terms.

Thrive Themes

screenshot of the thrive themes affiliate program homepage

Out of the many affiliate programs available to you, it’s unlikely that you will find any others with a cookie duration like that of Thrive Themes.

Between that feature and the generous compensation, you’ll earn a significant amount of passive income in no time.

Our Rating

Five stars

Best For:

Those in it for the long haul

Thrive Themes Commission Rate:

An affiliate member will make a 35% commission on all new sales. For recurring plans, the rate is 25%.

Does Thrive Themes Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features:

  • Very high cookie duration
  • Low payment threshold
  • Timely payments

The cookie length for Thrive Themes is two years, which is somewhat unheard of in affiliate marketing.

Therefore, if someone clicks your link and re-visits it anytime during that period, you will still get your commission for the referral.

Additionally, you can expect all your payments of $20 or more to come at the same time each month.

Thrive Themes Pros

  • Two Years – Having cookies in place for two years greatly benefits those in the affiliate program. This length opens up many more doors for sales and commission.
  • $20 Cash Out – You can withdraw your earnings from Thrive Themes once you hit $20.
  • Dedicated Manager – Every Thrive Themes affiliate program member is assigned a manager to help navigate the marketing world and get the most out of the program.
  • Affiliate Training – If you are new to the industry and looking for some tricks of the trade, Thrive Themes has an entire training curriculum that you can access to boost your game.
  • Insider Knowledge – As an affiliate member, you are privy to the latest updates and promotions. You will be among the first to know if a new product comes out!

Thrive Themes Cons

  • No Detailed Tracking – While Thrive Themes offers a dashboard, you are limited in the information it gives you.
  • Minimal Bonuses – There are no additional incentives for those who earn a certain level. However, if you are noticed for frequently receiving high commissions, you will be invited to the company’s private Slack channel.
  • One Manager – While you are provided a dedicated affiliate manager, only one individual occupies this role. Therefore, getting in touch with her and brainstorming new ideas for promotion can be challenging.


screenshot of the buzzsprout affiliate program homepage

Podcasting is on the rise everywhere these days. At Buzzsprout, prospective podcasters can dip their toes in the water for free.

If they decide to continue, they can participate in the paid program.

The affiliate program that Buzzsprout offers compensates the affiliate program member and the referral.

Our Rating

Four stars

Best For

Those with a love for podcasting

Buzzsprout’s Commission Rate

All new sales through your custom affiliate link bring in a $25 payout.

Does Buzzsprout Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features:

  • Non-expiring cookies
  • Dual incentive
  • Streamlined operation

Buzzsprout not only works to benefit the individual doing the promotion, but they also consider the well-being of the referral.

With non-expiring cookies, you can earn your commission at any time.

When you do, the individual who signs up will receive a gift card for $20.

Buzzsprout Pros

  • Infinite Opportunities to Earn – Buzzsprout doesn’t put a deadline on their cookies. Therefore, you can earn money from a referral made a decade earlier.
  • Minimal Confusion – There aren’t a lot of nuances to the compensation terms. For each paid plan you refer, you will receive $25, and the person you refer will get a $20 gift card.
  • PayPal Payments – All payments go through PayPal, which is verified at the time of acceptance into the affiliate program.
  • Multiple Promotion Opportunities – When linking your affiliate code, you can attach it to any of the podcasting guides offered by Buzzsprout.
  • One Minute Sign-Up – If you desire to participate in the Buzzsprout affiliate program, you only need one minute of your time to fill out the form and input your PayPal information.

Buzzsprout Cons

  • Must Maintain Log-Ins – If you don’t continually log in to your Buzzsprout account, you risk being deactivated for non-activity.
  • Limited Earning Potential – The only way to earn commission is through the $25 flat rate. There are no additional incentives or bonuses to increase the earnings.
  • Two-Month Delay – You will not receive your commission until a referral has purchased a plan and maintained that subscription for two months.


screenshot of the loom affiliate program homepage

As a video hosting platform, many websites and small businesses use the service as a way to create tutorials and webinars for employees, clients, and visitors.

With an expanding market for such a thing, Loom has enjoyed a significant increase in customer sales in recent years.

It has also started an affiliate program to boost marketing efforts further.

Our Rating

Three stars

Best For

Those who advertise with video

Loom’s Commission Rate

You will earn a 15% commission for the plan’s first year when you make a sale through your custom affiliate link.

Does Loom Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Recurring commission
  • Unique application process
  • Simplified earning terms

As an affiliate member with Loom, you can collect compensation for an entire year after a referral has completed purchasing a plan.

The compensation is a flat 15% with no other criteria.

However, to be a part of the program, you must first create a Loom video explaining how you plan to promote the company and its products.

Loom Pros

  • Popular Products – Loom is a popular service that is becoming a standard tool for websites and business owners all over. Its trending status means more people will be interested in trying it out.
  • Recurring Income – With one purchase through your affiliate link, you can collect compensation for one year.
  • 90-Day Cookies – From the time an individual clicks on your custom link, they have 90 days to solidify the purchase of their plan for you to receive your commission.
  • Coupon Codes – Loom will sometimes create custom promotions for individual affiliates for use in their marketing.
  • Beta Feature Access – As an affiliate, you get first access to new features to enter beta testing.

Loom Cons:

  • Low Commission Rate – Compared to industry standards, Loom offers one of the lowest commission percentages for an affiliate program.
  • Lengthy Application Process – The addition of creating a Loom video highlighting your promotion plans for the company and products is unique but time-consuming.
  • No Direct Assistance – You don’t get access to a dedicated manager or training materials when approved for the Loom affiliate program.


screenshot of the calendly affiliate program homepage

As an alternative option to hiring a virtual assistant or doing your own scheduling, Calendly lets others choose from open times available on your schedule and pencil in the time that works for them and you.

This program has been a hit since it was introduced, and now the company has begun steps to start an affiliate program to incentivize referrals.

Our Rating

One star

Best For

Those with a time management platform

Calendly’s Commission Rate

Currently, Calendly doesn’t have an official affiliate program but welcomes partnership opportunities.

They are in the planning stages for a future referral program.

Does Calendly Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Open to feedback
  • Individual basis partnerships
  • Popular product

As they create the optimal affiliate referral program, Calendly openly asks for suggestions or ideas while extending the opportunity to become partners individually.

With the popularity of the Calendly product, getting in during the earliest stages will be highly beneficial in the long run.

Calendly Pros

  • Open Concept – While they build an appropriate affiliate plan, the team at Calendly is open to ideas and suggestions on what will make the program the best one it can be.
  • Individual Partnerships – Currently, Calendly allows people to reach out with partnership proposals, which are entertained on a case-by-case basis.
  • Collaborative Terms – One of the benefits of independent partnerships is having the ability to negotiate rates and restrictions.
  • Top Product and Service – On more and more websites today, you will see that the Calendly plugin is widely used. Seeing this helps you to solidify the idea that being a partner to the company is in your best interest.
  • Open Communication – At this stage in the affiliate program planning game, you can freely communicate with the team at Calendly without being a number in their inbox.

Calendly Cons

  • Lengthy Wait Time – Whether you’re waiting for an official affiliate program’s rollout or in the stages of developing a partnership with Calendly, the process isn’t automatic.
  • No Guarantees – While it’s likely that there will be an affiliate or referral program in the future, there isn’t anything set in stone at this time.
  • Lack of Quality Competitors- With the fantastic features that Calendly offers, it’s hard to sign on to a competitor’s service and affiliate program knowing you aren’t getting the same experience.


screenshot of the wordable affiliate program homepage

Wordable was created with bloggers in mind. Their easy-to-use converter allows people to create documents in Google and immediately transfer them to their blog or website in full HTML format.

The affiliate program helps users to expand their network and recruit new customers for passive income.

Our Rating

Three stars

Best For

Those who own and operate a blog

Wordable’s Commission Rate:

For each sale of a referred plan (outside of Enterprise options), you earn 30% of the monthly plan price.

Does Wordable Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Recurring commission
  • Minimal restrictions
  • Auto payment

With the Wordable affiliate program, you will earn the same monthly amount while your referral holds a plan with the company.

There are very few restrictions on your commission earnings, and each payment is automatically deposited monthly.

Wordable Pros

  • Ongoing Commission – With just one referral, you receive a 30% commission monthly as long as the individual holds their active plan.
  • Free Marketing Materials – All affiliate program members can access creatives and graphics they can use in their promotional efforts.
  • Quick Sign-Ups – When you decide to participate in the affiliate program, you only have to fill out a brief questionnaire, which takes just a few minutes.
  • Onboarding – After you sign up, you have one call with the Wordable team to onboard you to the program and lay out expectations.
  • Direct Deposit – Wordable automatically deposits your commission earnings into your bank account each month with no extra steps needed.

Wordable Cons

  • Vague Details – The Wordable affiliate website doesn’t offer much information for prospective members regarding cookie duration, limitations, or payment methods.
  • Mandated Call – Although some affiliate members enjoy having the ability to communicate one on one with the Wordable team, others view it as a hassle to sit through a phone call instead of reviewing documents.
  • Low Commission – Wordable offers a recurring commission, which is appreciated. However, the affiliate marketing industry’s 30% commission is relatively low.


screenshot of the semrush affiliate program homepage

As online marketing continues to soar, the use of companies like Semrush helps people to navigate the web of paid ads, SEO, and content management.

Having been a mainstay for many years and a frequent service provider of Fortune 500 companies, Semrush has now incorporated an affiliate program into their business.

Our Rating

Three stars

Best For

Those who help others with web traffic

Semrush’s Commission Rate

Semrush offers various commission levels, ranging from one cent to $200.

Does Semrush Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Free trial commission
  • Flat rate earnings
  • Account managers

Most affiliate programs don’t provide a commission unless a sale comes out of your referral.

However, Semrush gives you $10 just for individuals signing up for the free trial offer.

There are three different ways to earn, all of which are flat rates.

You can work alongside an assigned account manager to get the most out of your affiliate link.

Semrush Pros

  • Dedicated Assistance – Having a person on the team you can reach out to and get direction, and guidance can be very helpful in the affiliate marketing journey.
  • Exclusive Materials – When you become a part of the Semrush affiliate team, you are given access to specially made creatives for your use.
  • Over 40 Tools – As a company, Semrush provides over 40 tools and products for affiliate members to promote. This variation offers many opportunities for passive income.
  • 120-Day Cookies – When a person clicks through your affiliate link, you have 120 days to close the sale and earn your commission. However, Semrush also operates on the last click, so if that person clicks on another affiliate link after yours, the other program member will earn the commission.
  • $200 Commission – No matter the cost, you make a $200 commission for each plan sold.

Semrush Cons

  • Payment Methods – It’s not clearly known which payment methods are offered by Semrush due to limited program information on their website.
  • No Bonuses – Besides the flat rate earnings, Semrush doesn’t provide any additional income-boosting opportunities.
  • One Penny Commission – If a referral signs up for an account, the affiliate program member receives a penny. For many participants, this feels like a slap in the face for their efforts.

Best Online Learning Affiliate Programs

With algorithms and trends changing rapidly in the online marketing world, many people turn to learning platforms to get the most up-to-date information and strategies.

Many of these companies also have affiliate programs as a bonus to those looking for extra income.


screenshot of the thinkific affiliate program homepage

While Thinkific doesn’t teach people how to market through learning resources, they help you to provide appropriate and attractive web courses to help others.

No matter the subject, you can access many top features when purchasing a plan with Thinkific.

Our Rating

Four stars

Best For

Those who want to teach

Thinkific’s Commission Rate:

Thinkific offers a recurring commission of 30% of the plan price.

Does Thinkific Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features:

  • Lifetime earnings
  • Low withdrawal threshold
  • Multiple payment methods

Those who sign up to be an affiliate with Thinkific can earn a monthly commission for the duration of the account holder’s time with the company.

If you refer someone and they hold a plan for ten years, you earn your recurring commission for ten years as well.

You only have to reach $25 to cash out, which you can do in multiple ways.

Thinkific Pros

  • Minimal Wait Time – The time between making the referral and getting your commission can sometimes be less than 30 days.
  • PayPal and Stripe – You can choose to get your payout in two different ways, PayPal or Stripe deposits, made once per month.
  • 90-Day Cookies – As an affiliate program member, your referral information is stored in cookies for 90 days, allowing you an extended period in which to make a sale.
  • Immediate Start – Thinkific provides materials that help you promote the product immediately without lag time.
  • Bonus Offers – As an affiliate program member, you can offer bonuses to your audience, including a one-month free trial.

Thinkific Cons

  • No Direct Deposit – While Thinkific offers both PayPal and Stripe, they don’t provide the option of direct deposit to your bank account.
  • Last Click – The Thinkific referrals operate on a last click basis. If a person clicks on someone else’s referral link between yours and the sale of the plan, the previous affiliate program member will receive the associated commission.
  • Minimal Dashboard Functionality – You have a custom dashboard with Thinkific to track referrals. However, there aren’t many detailed features that come with the tracking.

Wealthy Affiliate

screenshot of the wealthy affiliate program homepage

As a member of the Wealthy Affiliate, you learn to become wealthy by being an affiliate of different marketing companies.

However, in understanding the strategies, you can also refer people to the website and earn affiliate income.

In a full circle moment, it all works out!

Our Rating

Two stars

Best For

Those who have used or are using the Wealthy Affiliate program

Wealthy Affiliate’s Commission Rate

While they don’t disclose a percentage rate, the company states that you can earn an average of $121 on each sale.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Lifetime earnings
  • Incentives
  • Arsenal of resources

When a referral signs up for a plan through your affiliate link, you will continue to earn as long as they continue to have an active plan.

For those who are high earners and who take the learning resources like Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp to heart, there are incentives involved.

These incentives could include an all-expenses paid trip to Vegas.

Wealthy Affiliate Pros

  • Well-Known – Wealthy Affiliate is known for educating others on top-notch strategies for affiliate marketing. Many new bloggers and business owners turn to them for their learning resources.
  • Comprehensive Database – You can access a customized database with various stats and information as an affiliate program member.
  • Boot Camp – Each affiliate program member gets exclusive access to the company’s boot camp learning resource that teaches you how to be a top earner and promote the products.
  • Custom Widgets – Wealthy Affiliate allows you to use custom widgets on your website or social media platforms.
  • Conferences – As an incentive, the top earners receive an invite to a Wealthy Affiliate company conference in Las Vegas with all expenses paid.

Wealthy Affiliate Cons

  • Vague Information – Although Wealthy Affiliate teachers know what to look for in affiliate programs, they don’t disclose many terms and conditions or a commission chart on their webpage.
  • No Dedicated Manager – While Wealthy Affiliate is a large company, they don’t offer program members access to an affiliate manager for help with promotions.
  • Lengthy Boot Camp – The Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp is over 70 lessons in length and takes a considerable amount of time to complete.

Best VPN Affiliate Programs

The number of different fields represented in affiliate marketing can be mind-blowing.

Wherever there’s a product, there’s a way to promote it. Below we highlight the best VPN affiliate programs to date.


screenshot of the pureVPN affiliate program homepage

When it comes to the PureVPN affiliate program, you will get spoiled by its premium features.

For starters, an affiliate program that offers up to 100% commission in some instances is insane and highly unheard of.

However, there’s more than just that.

Our Rating

Five stars

Best For

Those who have a technologically-inclined audience

PureVPN’s Commission Rate

PureVPN offers three separate programs, each ranging in commission rates of anywhere from 35% to 100%.

Does PureVPN Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Different payment tiers
  • Fast payments
  • Significant commission

As we previously mentioned, the ability to earn 100% commission through an affiliate program is unheard of, but that’s what PureVPN offers as one of their referral plan options.

You can choose between two different tiers and receive your payments quickly each month.

PureVPN Pros

  • High Earning Potential – There are various ways to structure your affiliate marketing with PureVPN. However, all of them lead to the possibility of high earnings.
  • Direct Deposit and PayPal – When it comes time to withdraw your earnings, you can opt to receive your funds through direct deposit to your bank account or with PayPal.
  • Dashboard Reports – The PureVPN dashboard shows your referrals and commission earned, and you can also run custom reports.
  • Lifetime Commission – On the sale of all PureVPN plans, you will earn a recurring commission for the life of the plan.
  • Multi-Level Marketing – The more affiliates you refer to the PureVPN program, the more money you earn.

PureVPN Cons

  • Strict Approvals – There are set guidelines for who can be an affiliate for PureVPN, so it’s not guaranteed that everyone will be approved.
  • Cookie Duration – While PureVPN offers a 90-day cookie length, many in the industry provide more prolonged periods.
  • Minimum Threshold – To withdraw your commission earnings, you must reach $100 in compensation for PayPal and $500 for a wire transfer.

Surfshark VPN

screenshot of the surfshark VPN affiliate program homepage

Surfshark VPN is a technology company that skipped to the top of the ranking list in just a few short years.

Their products and services are in high demand, and their affiliate program allows you to earn commission on a flat percentage scale with bonuses and incentives.

Our Rating

Four stars

Best For

Those with multiple platforms

Surfshark VPN’s Commission Rate

Surfshark VPN offers a 40% flat commission rate for all new sales made with your affiliate link.

Does Surfshark VPN Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Bonus programs
  • Consistent commission
  • Payouts upon request

The Surfshark VPN affiliate program is amenable to the needs of its members.

Therefore, you have the option to earn a consistent 40% commission with or without participating in the bonus programs.

Additionally, Surfshark VPN pays out earnings upon request once they have been cleared.

Surfshark VPN Pros

  • Multiple Opportunities To Earn – As an affiliate program member, you can get your income from the regular commission rate or supplement that with incentive offers.
  • Real-Time Tracking – The Surfshark VPN dashboard gives you a real-time glimpse into your progress with your referral links.
  • Various Platforms – You don’t have to have a website to be an affiliate with Surfshark VPN. Instead, you can promote through YouTube channels, Instagram profiles, or any other portal you are part of online.
  • Monthly Invoices – As you generate more sales for the company, they will send you a monthly invoice that discloses your earnings.
  • Multilingual – Surfshark VPN operates in many countries, and its marketing materials are available in over 17 languages.

Surfshark VPN Cons

  • Cookie Duration – The longevity for Surfshark VPN cookies is relatively low at just 30 days.
  • Payment Threshold – To withdraw your earnings from the Surfshark VPN affiliate program, you must be at $100 in commission.
  • Different Programs For Different Products – The Surfshark VPN affiliate program is just one that the company offers. You must sign up for a different program if you want to promote their antivirus or incognito products.


screenshot of the IPVanish affiliate program homepage

The VPN company of IPVanish has three different programs that allow individuals to earn passive income.

These include a reseller, affiliate, and influencer program.

The affiliate option enables you to provide a custom link and receive compensation for sales.

Our Rating

Three stars

Best For:

Those who have a vested interest in VPN

IPVanish’s Commission Rate

IPVanish has a commission rate of 50% on all plans.

Does IPVanish Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • High commission rate
  • Affiliate network inclusion
  • Private offers available

When you sign up to be a part of the IPVanish affiliate program, you gain the ability to earn a substantial commission rate of 50% per plan subscription sold.

Additionally, being approved for the program means you are also a part of the CJ Affiliate network.

For those who have the ability to bring in significant earnings, private offers are available.

IPVanish Pros

  • Copious Opportunities – Being a part of the IPVanish affiliate program means you are a part of the CJ Affiliate Network. This membership gives you many options for passive income earning.
  • No Minimum Earnings – Unlike some affiliate programs, IPVanish doesn’t require that you make a minimum amount to remain in the program.
  • Exclusive Creatives – As a member of the IPVanish affiliate program, you get access to custom banners that attract new customers and sales.
  • Multiple Payment Options – You can withdraw your earnings in many ways and in foreign currencies.
  • Exclusive Support – Those in the program are given priority support from IPVanish employees to help resolve any issues that arise.

IPVanish Cons

  • 45-Day Cookies – Coming in low for the industry, IPVanish offers a brief 45-day cookie period.
  • Lengthy Payout – IPVanish provides a 30-day money-back guarantee to customers. Therefore, you do not receive your commission until that timeline has passed.
  • Competitive Approval – Because of the premium features within the IPVanish affiliate program and its association with CJ Affiliate, membership is more competitive than in other programs.


screenshot of the expressVPN affiliate program homepage

As a company, ExpressVPN offers not only an affiliate program but also a scholarship fund.

As a top-level VPN service provider, many customers utilize the ExpressVPN company to incentivize their affiliate program further.

Our Rating

Three stars

Best For:

Those who have a drive to learn

ExpressVPN’s Commission Rate

ExpressVPN promotes its affiliate program as flexible in rates.

However, their average payouts per plan range from $13 to $36.

Does ExpressVPN Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Low payout
  • PayPal payments
  • Dedicated account managers

As a member of the ExpressVPN affiliate program, you can take advantage of low payment thresholds and the ability to use PayPal for all earnings transactions.

Additionally, you will be assigned an account manager to help guide you in your journey.

ExpressVPN Pros

  • Flexibility – ExpressVPN offers custom rates for those who bring in significant sales and referrals.
  • Ability to Use PPC – Affiliates associated with the ExpressVPN program are permitted to engage in PPC marketing, with some restrictions.
  • Fast Payout – ExpressVPN states that they have the quickest commission payout system in place among affiliate programs.
  • Optimization Advice – To help you be successful in the affiliate program, the experts at ExpressVPN assist with SEO and optimization to help you rise in the ranks.
  • Operates in 94 Countries – There are very few places where you cannot participate in the affiliate program.

ExpressVPN Cons

  • Must Have a Website – Those who want to participate in the ExpressVPN affiliate program must have an active website.
  • Content Must Be VPN-Focused – To participate in the ExpressVPN affiliate program, you must have a website that speaks to the VPN field.
  • Minimal Compensation – ExpressVPN is way below the average commission rate by industry standards.


screenshot of the NORDvpn affiliate program homepage

As a company, NordVPN is quickly rising to the top of the ranks in its industry.

With commercials and advertisements everywhere you look, the company’s growth is coming fast and furious.

Therefore, participating in their affiliate program is an excellent choice if you are one of their many customers.

Our Rating

Three stars

Best For

Those who work at a fast pace

NordVPN’s Commission Rate

Depending on the type of product plan you sell through your affiliate link, you may be able to collect up to 100% commission.

Does NordVPN Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Competitive commission
  • Fast-paced earnings
  • Lifetime earnings

When you join the NordVPN affiliate program, you are privy to a high percentage commission, at times reaching 100%.

As a growing company, you will partake in a fast-paced environment and be rewarded with lifetime earnings.

NordVPN Pros

  • Payment Variations – For those who sell a one-month subscription, you are allotted a 100% commission with a 30% renewal rate. You will earn 40% for more extensive plans with the same renewal terms.
  • Free Promo Materials – Once you join the NordVPN affiliate program, you are given promotional graphics and documents to use in your marketing.
  • Positive Reputation – Many people know of NordVPN due to its endless commercials and advertisements, leading to a positive company mindset.
  • Account Manager – Once you join the program, you are assigned an account manager to help you get started.
  • Multiple Platforms – You can promote your affiliate link on all different platforms.

NordVPN Cons

  • No Payment Information – It is unclear from the program’s website what the payment terms are and the methods used for withdrawal.
  • Low Plan Prices – While 100% commission sounds good, the plan is less than $20.
  • Limited Reporting – You won’t receive detailed options for your affiliate link reporting to be able to track your progress.


screenshot of the strongVPN affiliate program homepage

Another top contender in the VPN industry is StrongVPN.

With their affiliate program, you have the potential of making up to 200% commission on the sale of specific plans.

Our Rating

Four stars

Best for:

Those who want to work as a team

StrongVPN’s Commission Rate

Depending on the product plan you sell, you can earn up to 200% commission.

Does StrongVPN Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Automatic withdrawal
  • High compensation
  • Webmaster assistance

With StrongVPN, you don’t have to worry about extra steps for withdrawing your high commissions, as the company does it for you.

If you find you need help, there is unlimited webmaster assistance available.

StrongVPN Pros

  • High Commission Rates – StrongVPN permits up to 200% commission on certain products.
  • Streamlined Operation – The program operates on a high-tech platform that has everything achieved to a level of efficiency.
  • Security – StrongVPN uses several levels of protection to ensure that your information is secure and safe.
  • Marketing Assistance – If you struggle to get your commissions up, you can always get help from the StrongVPN team.
  • Advanced Reporting – At any time, you can check the status of your affiliate links and see the most up-to-date reporting available.

StrongVPN Cons

  • Minimal Details – The affiliate program offers little information on the terms and conditions on its webpage.
  • No Recurring Commission – You are compensated for the initial plan purchase but not for renewals.
  • Limited Cookies – With StrongVPN, your cookies are only valid for 30 days.

Best Recruiting and Hiring Affiliate Programs

Finding help online is much easier today than it ever has been.

With minimal effort, you can bring a new worker on board with recruiting and hiring sites.


screenshot of the fiverr affiliate program homepage

Fiverr offers a service for all needs.

They have added an affiliate program to help drive more customers to the freelancing platform.

Our Rating

Four stars

Best For

Those who have content catering to freelancers

Fiverr’s Commission Rate

The Fiverr affiliate program has many different tiers, ranging from 10% to 30%.

Does Fiverr Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • First time user
  • Multiple earning methods
  • Extensive market

Fiverr works with people in all industries, so it’s inevitable that, at some point, a job will be hired through the platform.

The commission for the Fiverr affiliate program is for first-time users of the platform, and you can earn commission in various ways.

Fiverr Pros

  • High Commission Earnings – Some sales come with a flat amount and others with a percentage. All are competing in the affiliate industry.
  • Worldwide – Fiverr operates in over 160 countries, giving you an entire globe to market with your custom links.
  • Special Promotions – Fiverr’s affiliate program offers promotions to help boost your income level.
  • Free Creatives – Fiverr provides all affiliate program members with free, high-quality creatives to use in their marketing.
  • Geo Rotation Banners – Free to affiliate members, Fiverr offers banners that rotate through different gigs specific to the viewer’s location.

Fiverr Cons

  • Confusing Terms – With several different earning methods, it can become confusing to understand what your commission is on a particular product.
  • Limited Payment Information – The affiliate program website doesn’t detail payment methods, how frequently you are paid, and what fees are involved.
  • Cookie Duration – The Fiverr site does not provide insight into the length of the affiliate program cookies.


screenshot of the upwork affiliate program homepage

While not as big of a company as Fiverr, Upwork operates similarly.

Individuals and business owners can use the freelancer database to hire the gigs they need to be completed.

To help market their high-quality freelancers, they have instituted an affiliate program.

Our Rating

Four stars

Best For

Those who market to businesses

Upwork’s Commission Rate

Referrals that result in a contract have a 70% commission rate, up to $150.

Does Upwork Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Contract referrals
  • Talent referrals
  • Operated by impact

Upwork provides two avenues for earning opportunities: contract and talent.

Both sides of the program are operated through the Impact affiliate network, which allows you to participate in countless other affiliate programs as well.

Upwork Pros

  • Dual Promotion – With the Upwork program, you can market to individuals looking to hire and those wanting to find a freelance platform to work on.
  • New Contract Payout – You earn 70% of the total for every new contract, up to $150.
  • International Affiliates – You can apply to participate in the program no matter where you reside.
  • Wide Range – Anyone can promote the Upwork platform due to its wide net of services.
  • Multiple Payment Methods – When it comes time to withdraw your earnings, you can choose from various options.

Upwork Cons

  • Limited Earning Cap – When it comes to 70% commission, the capped amount of $150 is low by industry standards.
  • Constantly Updated Materials – Upwork provides those in the program with regularly refreshed graphics and marketing materials.
  • Support Provided – Upwork offers ongoing support to all individuals in their affiliate program.

Best Fashion Affiliate Programs

Everyone wears clothes. So it only makes sense that the biggest names in fashion would offer an affiliate incentive program.

The companies below have some of the best ones available.


screenshot of the modcloth affiliate program homepage

As a popular clothing retailer, ModCloth provides fabulous fashion and a popular affiliate program for their enthusiasts.

With approval, you can be on your way to earning commissions from each ModCloth sale made through your affiliate link.

Our Rating

Three stars

Best For

Those who love ModCloth

ModCloth’s Commission Rate

For each standard sale, affiliates earn 5%.

You can also earn through sign-ups and coupon deals.

Does ModCloth Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Commission for sign-ups
  • Constantly refreshed inventory
  • Special promotions

ModCloth affiliate program members can receive a commission for sign-ups to the program and through special promotions on the website.

With thousands of new products added daily, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

ModCloth Pros

  • Popular Website – People everywhere have heard of ModCloth and the high-quality apparel it sells.
  • High Average Sales – The average ModCloth commission sits at $120.
  • Management Team – All members can access the company management team for ongoing needs and assistance.
  • Affiliate Network Inclusion – As an affiliate with ModCloth, you can also participate in additional programs offered through Shareasale.
  • Weekly Newsletter – ModCloth keeps all affiliate program members in the loop with weekly communications on promotions and changes.

ModCloth Cons

  • Unknown Payment Options- The ModCloth program website doesn’t detail what payment options there are for withdrawal.
  • Short Cookie Length- With ModCloth, your affiliate link is only active in cookies for 30 days.
  • Low Promo Rate- When customers buy a promotional item through your link, you only receive a 2% commission.


screenshot of the newchic affiliate program homepage

Known for its fashionable products and reasonable prices, Newchic is a hot spot for those who love clothes.

Their affiliate program offers a great deal of incentive for publishers who want to promote Newchic and their products.

Our Rating

Four stars

Best For

Those who have a fashion-oriented audience

Newchic’s Commission Rate

With cash bonuses, you can earn 14% to 20% commission as an affiliate.

Does Newchic Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • First-month promos
  • Daily coupons
  • Real-time tracking

With Newchic, you can see your progress as it happens. When first starting, Newchic gives you cash bonus incentives to help you start in a positive direction.

You can access daily coupons and sales to market to your audience as an affiliate member.

Newchic Pros

  • Shareasale Affiliate Network – Newchic is part of Shareasale. Therefore, you can participate in many different programs in addition to Newchic.
  • Updated Creatives – You can access refreshed marketing materials at all times, reflecting new products and seasonal items.
  • Quality Products – Newchic is a top-rated company that makes thousands of sales daily.
  • Random Promotions – At times, Newchic will offer a one-time promotion that gives you higher commission rates or bonuses.
  • High Approval Rate – The process to apply and get approved is speedy and has limited restrictions.

Newchic Cons

  • No Dedicated Manager – As an affiliate member, you don’t have an account manager assigned to you for assistance in the process.
  • Payments – The affiliate program website does not disclose the payment methods and withdrawal threshold with Newchic.
  • 30-Day Cookies – With Newchic, affiliate members are only allotted 30-day cookies.

Stitch Fix

screenshot of the stitch fix affiliate program homepage

Another company that has had a sharp increase in business in past years is Stitch Fix.

While they don’t offer an affiliate program, they have referrals in place that can bring in additional funds in the way of company credits for future purchases.

Our Rating

Two stars

Best For

Those who routinely use Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix’s Commission Rate

For every successful referral, you earn $25 in credits for future Stitch Fix purchases.

Does Stitch Fix Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Simple operation
  • Straightforward payment process
  • Multiple avenues

With your Stitch Fix referral link, you can advertise and promote on all platforms, including text.

The program is straightforward to use and offers a one-step method for promoting and one direct route for payment.

Stitch Fix Pros

  • Easy To Understand – The Stitch Fix referral program is simple to use and understand for all participants.
  • Flat Rate Commission – For each successful referral, you earn $25 in Stitch Fix credits to use for your own purchases.
  • Customer Service – As a company, Stitch Fix offers fantastic customer service for all customers, including those using referral funds.
  • Superior Product – Having a personal stylist, Stitch Fix helps others find clothes that look good and fit well. Their company growth has drastically expanded throughout the years.
  • Versatile – You don’t have to market your referral code like you would an affiliate program. You can text, email, or verbally tell others about your referral link.

Stitch Fix Cons

  • Lack of Affiliate Program – While a referral program is helpful, there is typically potential for more earnings in an affiliate program.
  • Earning Caps – The most you can make in a calendar year is $599.
  • One Payment Method – With the referral program, you can only earn program credits; no actual funds are expended.


screenshot of the H&M affiliate program homepage

As a global clothing company, H&M has a wide variety of products and an extensive list of customers that enjoy their retail stores.

However, many of their affiliate program details are unknown and aren’t often marketed.

Our Rating

One star

Best For

Those who have fashion content

H&M’s Commission Rate

The commission rate for H&M isn’t disclosed until you sign up for the program.

Does H&M Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • High approval rate
  • Part of admitad network
  • Successful company

While much is unknown about the H&M affiliate program, we know that they operate with a 96% approval rate as part of the Admitad affiliate network.

The company itself is highly successful, so earnings are likely substantial.

H&M Pros

  • Almost One Million Affiliate Members – The H&M affiliate program has brought onboard nearly one million members since its inception.
  • High Approvals – Your chances of being approved for the H&M affiliate program are high at 96%.
  • Admitad – Run by the affiliate network Admitad, you have the opportunity to participate in many other programs at the same time as H&M.
  • Thousand of Products – The H&M company has clothing and accessories for all ages and sizes, reeling in customers worldwide.
  • Fast Payments – The affiliate program states that they provide quick commission earnings to its members.

H&M Cons

  • Limited Information – The affiliate program doesn’t offer information on commission and other details until you are signed up and approved.
  • Cookies – Only a 30-day cookie with the H&M affiliate program is permitted.
  • Payment Methods – The program doesn’t disclose which payment methods are available to members.

Best Finance Affiliate Programs

No matter your walk in life, there is always a financial aspect involved.

You will always see money at the center, whether it’s your daily activities, online earnings, or small business matters.

These affiliate programs provide a kickback incentive to those who promote their products.

Personal Capital

screenshot of the personal capital affiliate program homepage

As an online portfolio manager, Personal Capital helps you to keep track of all the moving pieces associated with your finances.

Their affiliate program helps bring more individuals on board by rewarding the promoters.

Our Rating

Three stars

Best For

Those who create finance content

Personal Capital’s Commission Rate

When a lead adds in $100,000 of portable assets, you earn $100.

Does Personal Capital Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Streamlined
  • Impact Radius network
  • Multiple steps

The Personal Capital affiliate program has a streamlined process laid out on its website and through its affiliation with the Impact Radius network.

However, there are multiple steps to earn your commission.

Personal Capital Pros

  • Hands-Off – The process of earning commission is mainly hands-off when it comes to the affiliate program member.
  • Maximum Education – The services offered by Personal Capital allow individuals to get on track with their finances and learn what they need for success
  • Flat Rate – For each successful lead, you earn $100.
  • First Look – Those in the affiliate program are given exclusive access to new calculators, products, and services.
  • Free Sign-Up – To be a part of the Personal Capital affiliate program, you do not have to pay any fees.

Personal Capital Cons

  • Minimal Income – The affiliate program only pays out $100 for each lead without additional incentives.
  • Multiple Steps – The amount of items that need to be fulfilled for a referral to become a qualified lead is excessive.
  • No Creatives – You are not entitled to custom images or marketing documents as a program member.


screenshot of the freshbooks affiliate program homepage

Finding great accounting software is critical to success.

FreshBooks offers an affiliate and partner program that rewards users for successful referrals and sales on the Freshbooks website.

Our Rating

Four stars

Best For

Those who work in accounting

FreshBooks Commission Rate

$10 per free trial sign-up and up to $200 for each plan sold.

Does FreshBooks Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Free trial compensation
  • High commission
  • Extended cookies

With the Freshbooks affiliate program, you not only have your information stored on the platform for 120 days, but you are entitled to a high commission rate and compensation for free trial sign-ups.

Freshbooks Pros

  • Dedicated Team – When approved for the Freshbooks affiliate program, you are given access to an entire team that helps you develop marketing plans and strategies.
  • Poaching Protection – Freshbooks provides security from many elements as a free service to their affiliate members.
  • Trial Sign-Ups – You get compensated for individuals taking advantage of a trial plan without them paying anything.
  • 120-Day Cookies – With almost four months to close the sale, your chances of earning a substantial commission are high.
  • Multiple Platforms – You can use your custom link on any platform.

Freshbooks Cons

  • Approval Through Shareasale – If you aren’t approved through the Shareasale network, you can’t participate in the Freshbooks program.
  • Undisclosed Payment Terms – The affiliate program website doesn’t give information regarding which payment methods you can use.
  • No Foreign Currency – Freshbooks only pays out in USD.


screenshot of the quickbooks affiliate program homepage

As one of the biggest names in accounting, QuickBooks offers a multitude of financial products as well as an affiliate program for those in the industry.

Our Rating

Two stars

Best For

Those with financial content

Quickbooks Commission Rate

10% of the sale price that results from clicking on a referral link.

Does QuickBooks Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Flat rate percentage
  • Selective approval
  • Website-specific

To be part of the QuickBooks affiliate program, you must have a website to market your graphics and links.

QuickBooks makes it clear that they have to limit the number of participants in their affiliate program, but those who are accepted can earn a 10% commission.

QuickBooks Pros

  • Internationally Known – People from all over the world know about QuickBooks’ programs and services.
  • Wide Selection of Products – You can find the perfect items to promote on your website with the range of products available to consumers.
  • Affiliate Toolkit – You can monitor your links and commission earnings through the custom affiliate dashboard and toolkit provided at sign-up.
  • CJ Affiliate Member – Once approved for one program at CJ Affiliate, you can participate in many others.
  • Quick Turnaround – The amount of time between purchase and commission being confirmed is minimal.

QuickBooks Cons

  • Low Commission Rate – At only 10%, the commission percentage is meager by affiliate standards.
  • No Bonuses – With the QuickBooks program, there aren’t any additional ways to earn money.
  • Limited Information – The affiliate program website doesn’t provide a lot of information on the program for prospective members.

Liberty Mutual

screenshot of the liberty mutual affiliate program homepage

We all know the Liberty Mutual company for its catchy marketing on television and radio.

However, not many know that the company also offers an affiliate program for people to earn passive income from referral links.

Our Rating

Three stars

Best For

Those who market to home and car owners

Liberty Mutual’s Commission Rate

Depending on what is sold through your affiliate link, you can earn $3 to $10 per sale.

Does Liberty Mutual Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Flat rate earnings
  • Three different products
  • Frequent promotions

The Liberty Mutual affiliate program provides you with three products to market and three corresponding commission rates.

However, there are frequent opportunities to earn extra through various promotions.

Liberty Mutual Pros

  • Well-Known – Liberty Mutual is a famous company that is well known worldwide.
  • Simple Terms – The details of the affiliate program are simple to understand with limited restrictions.
  • Promotions – Liberty Mutual provides ample opportunities to earn with frequent promotions for extra commission.
  • CJ Affiliate Partner – Once approved for the Liberty Mutual program, you can access many other company programs through CJ Affiliate.
  • Affiliate Team – You can access an entire affiliate team to get assistance on anything from payment issues to marketing ideas.

Liberty Mutual Cons

  • Low Payout – For a successful referral, participants only earn $10 or less, depending on the product sold.
  • Lengthy Payments – It’s not common for people to purchase an insurance plan after just one quote. Therefore, it can take longer to fulfill the sale with Liberty Mutual.
  • Unknown Cookies – The company doesn’t disclose the length of its cookies.

Best Travel Affiliate Programs

There is a significant amount of the population that enjoys travel.

With all the different aggregators, hotels, and airlines available, there are a lot of opportunities to earn from the affiliate programs.

If you travel a lot, take advantage of the following programs.


screenshot of the mariott affiliate program homepage

As one of the biggest hotel chains with locations worldwide, Marriott has significant traffic to their website.

Their affiliate program commissions those who successfully refer travelers who book a stay or trip with the company.

Our Rating

Four stars

Best For

Those with travel content on a website or blog

Marriott’s Commission Rate

This rate is disclosed upon approval by the program.

Does Marriott Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Two different earning routes
  • Product catalogs
  • Routine offers

Marriott’s affiliate program lets you earn when visitors through your link book a hotel stay or a vacation package.

Upon approval, you are given a product catalog that provides hotel recommendations by city, and the company will often roll out additional incentive offers and bonuses for extra earnings.

Marriott Pros

  • High-End Company – Marriott has many hotel brands under its umbrella, many being resorts.
  • Affiliate Team – As a Marriott affiliate, you are given access to an affiliate team to help you achieve high levels of success as an affiliate member.
  • Currency Payout – You can choose which currency you want to receive your earnings in at the sign-up time.
  • Affiliate Newsletter – To stay up to date on company promotions and news, you will regularly receive a newsletter specifically for those in the affiliate program.
  • Updated Dashboard – Marriott provides a detailed dashboard to keep track of your referral links and earnings.

Marriott Cons

  • Short Cookies – Marriott only provides a 7-day cookie length with your affiliate link.
  • Limited Payment Options – Marriott’s affiliate program only allows you to withdraw your earnings through direct deposit.
  • No Group Commission – If a group booking is made through your affiliate link (over ten rooms), you are not eligible for compensation.


screenshot of the travelocity affiliate program homepage

As part of the Expedia group, you can earn passive income as an affiliate for Travelocity and many other travel companies.

These partners include VRBO, Expedia, Hotels.com, and Orbitz.

Our Rating

Four stars

Best For

Those who want travel-related product linking options

Travelocity’s Commission Rate:

The amount of commission will depend on what is sold but starts at 2%.

Does Travelocity Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Multiple companies in the network
  • Various products
  • Well-known company

As part of the Expedia Group, you can be an affiliate for more than just Travelocity.

You will earn a corresponding commission rate depending on what product is sold through your link.

As a well-known company, many people use Travelocity and the other companies in the network many times throughout the year.

Travelocity Pros

  • Many Product Options – With hotels, car rentals, excursions, and more, there is plenty to market to your audience.
  • Competitive Commission – The rate for the Travelocity affiliate program starts at 2%, which can add up quickly with more extensive vacations.
  • Multiple Companies – You can choose to advertise different companies depending on the focus of your content.
  • Customizable Tools – Affiliate members can use resources specifically for marketing that the program provides.
  • Widgets – The Travelocity program allows you to create your own trips and provide a custom link to them through their widgets.

Travelocity Cons

  • Payment Methods – The affiliate program website does not inform prospective members of the specific details surrounding payment and earnings.
  • Cookies – Expedia Group and Travelocity do not specify any cookie duration offered to their affiliate members.
  • Flight Compensation – When a person books a flight with your referral link, you only earn $2.


screenshot of the expedia affiliate program homepage

As the core company behind Expedia Group, the same affiliate program that manages the Travelocity affiliate program also manages Expedia.

Many of the exact compensation rules apply, with minor variations.

Our Rating

Four stars

Best For

Those who toutinely use Expedia

Expedia’s Commission Rate

The amount of commission will depend on what is sold but starts at 2%.

Does Expedia Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Direct booking
  • Custom links
  • Multiple partnerships

Instead of the informative layout that Travelocity has, Expedia allows users to direct book when they click on your custom link.

However, having multiple partnerships under one affiliate umbrella will enable you to cross-promote products as you wish.

Expedia Pros

  • Top Travel Site – Expedia is well known across the globe for its competitive travel rates.
  • Many Earning Options – While some partners only offer lodging or transportation, Expedia has all the necessary travel services on one site.
  • Centralized Hub – The Expedia Group affiliate program has all available features within one central area, making it easy to navigate.
  • Personalized Assistance – The Expedia Group team will help you to customize widgets and strategies to fit your needs and content.
  • Search Widget – To save time, Expedia offers a search option to find the exact travel product you’re looking for without a lengthy search.

Expedia Cons

  • Minimal Compensation – You will receive a small commission for some products compared to others.
  • Dedicated Manager – Your membership in the Expedia Group program doesn’t come with a dedicated affiliate manager.
  • Limited Detail – The affiliate program website doesn’t provide much insight into the administrative side of the commission plans.


screenshot of the tripadvisor affiliate program homepage

As the world’s largest travel company, TripAdvisor has a lot to offer.

Not only can you research and book the perfect vacation, but you can also earn an affiliate income when you refer others to the platform.

Our Rating

Five stars

Best For

Those who often promote hotels

TripAdvisor’s Commission Rate

You can earn from link clicks alone with TripAdvisor and up to 50% on bookings.

Does TripAdvisor Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • High level of commission
  • Click compensation
  • Multi-device cookies

With the TripAdvisor affiliate program, you can earn up to 50% commission rates on books, but you can also earn when a referral clicks through to a booking site without reserving.

You have 14 days to finalize bookings through cookies, which extend to multiple devices.

TripAdvisor Pros

  • Top Travel Company – TripAdvisor is known as the top travel site in the industry, and millions of people each year use it for their vacation planning.
  • High Earnings – You have the potential to earn a sizeable commission when you are a part of the TripAdvisor affiliate program.
  • CJ Affiliate – The TripAdvisor affiliate program is part of the CJ Affiliate network, allowing you to participate in many different incentive plans.
  • No Minimum Traffic – You aren’t required to bring in a specific amount of traffic or sales to remain a member.
  • Social Media – Affiliates can share custom links to their social media profiles with proper disclosure.

TripAdvisor Cons

  • Hotels Only – When promoting products through your affiliate link, you can only earn commission on hotels.
  • Delayed Approval – It can take several days to receive a response to your affiliate program application.
  • Brand Alignment – TripAdvisor reserves the right to reject your application or deactivate your membership if your content doesn’t align with its brand.


screenshot of the priceline affiliate program homepage

The Priceline company made it big when they rolled out a program where you could name your price on travel needs.

Since then, they have introduced more features, including an affiliate program.

Our Rating

Four stars

Best For

Those who have a travel blog

Priceline’s Commission Rate

The amount you earn depends on which product is sold but starts at 3%.

Does Priceline Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Multiple earning options
  • An easy-to-use platform
  • Creatives available

Priceline has thousands of options for travel on its user-friendly website, including flights, hotels, car rentals, and more.

To help you with your marketing and promotion, the affiliate program offers regularly updated creatives for your use.

Priceline Pros

  • Positive Reputation – The Priceline company is well-known and has had big-name spokespeople throughout their advertisements over the years.
  • Competitive Pricing – The platform offers top deals for all aspects of travel.
  • Affiliation – Priceline provides several programs for partnerships, including affiliate and travel agent benefits.
  • Comparable Commission – The amount of commission you can earn is similar to that associated with Expedia Group.
  • Banners Available – When you click to get your custom link on the database, you can also choose from various banners.

Priceline Cons

  • High Levels of Competition – With so many travel affiliate programs and content creators, commission competition is high.
  • No Additional Incentives – The Priceline affiliate program does not offer any incentives or bonus plans.
  • Terms and Conditions – Priceline doesn’t disclose basic information like platform requirements, required earning levels, or payment methods.


screenshot of the hotels.com affiliate program homepage

As another Expedia Group member, Hotels.com offers a similar layout to its affiliate program.

However, the commission rates differ because the primary focus is on hotels and not all aspects of travel.

Our Rating

Four stars

Best For

Those who curate travel content

Hotels.com’s Commission Rate

You will earn a 3% to 4% commission.

Does Hotels.com Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Longer cookie duration
  • Competitive commission
  • Large hotel database

Hotels.com focuses on hotels and lodgings, making its database one of the largest available.

The company offers affiliates a competitive commission and an extended cookie duration of up to 30 days.

Hotels.com Pros

  • Higher Commission Percentage – Compared to Expedia, you have the opportunity to earn more through Hotels.com on accommodations.
  • Content Optimization – The affiliate team will help you to optimize your content to reach its full potential.
  • Partnerships – You have ample opportunities for cross-promotion with other companies in the Expedia Group.
  • Custom Banners – Once approved, you have access to a collection of custom banners for you to use in your promotional strategies.
  • Widgets – The affiliate program offers the use of various widgets to help highlight multiple hotels on your website.

Hotels.com Cons

  • Restricted Products – You will only be able to earn through hotel bookings and not other types of travel products and transportation.
  • Limited Earning Potential – The affiliate program doesn’t offer extra incentives or bonuses.
  • No Manager – Unlike other programs, the Hotels.com affiliate option doesn’t assign you a dedicated affiliate manager.


As one of the most popular travel affiliate programs available, Booking.com offers many favorable features to its members.

The network of affiliates is over 10,000 individuals and growing rapidly.

Our Rating

Four stars

Best For

Those who want high earning potential

Booking.com’s Commission Rate

Your commission rate will start at 25% and can go up to 40%.

Does Booking.com Offer Recurring Commissions?


Notable Features

  • Tiered earnings
  • Multiple programs
  • Various payment options

Booking.com allows members to earn different commission levels based on how many stays are booked through their affiliate link per month.

You can also advertise for their database program, where you earn a commission for each successful listing.

When payment time comes, you can withdraw in a few different ways.

Booking.com Pros

  • Extensive Database – The Booking.com website has thousands of options available in many locations.
  • Widgets- The affiliate program offers its members the use of many different widgets that you can place on your website for promotional reasons.
  • WordPress Plugins – For those who utilize WordPress for their website, you will be able to utilize specially-designed plugins on WordPress.
  • Multiple Currencies – The default currency for Booking.com is the Euro, but you can change to other options for your payment.
  • Instant Approval – There is no wait time to hear about your approval status.

Booking.com Cons

  • Specific Commission Terms – You only earn commission based on the Booking.com commission. Therefore, if they make $15 from your booking, you may earn 25% of that amount.
  • No Assistance – Booking.com doesn’t offer any affiliate team assistance outside of providing widgets and plugins.
  • Heavy Workload – To achieve the 40% commission rate, you need to refer over 500 stays per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

The affiliate marketing world can be confusing, especially for those just starting out.

To help, we have listed the most frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers below.

Who is the best affiliate marketer in the world?

The individual who sits at the top of most affiliate marketer ranking lists is Pat Flynn.

In addition to affiliate marketing, he has written books and created courses on building your brand and monetizing your work.

Who is the number 1 ClickBank affiliate?

When it comes to ClickBank affiliates, Robby Blanchard has the top spot.

He offers education on creating a significant income online through his media company, Blanchard Media.

Wrapping Up

With all the affiliate programs listed throughout this guide, you’ll notice that some are more lucrative than others.

With its high payouts and top-priced services, PureVPN is an affiliate program you want to be part of if you’re in that field.

Another great contender that offers high levels of commission is TripAdvisor.

With the high level of interest that travel generates, you’re bound to get substantial clicks when part of the TripAdvisor affiliate program.

As we highlighted above, these two programs check off many critical components needed in an affiliate program.

If your platform speaks to either of these industries, you should strongly consider joining one of these two top-paying affiliate programs.

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