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Surdi was created to change the British society’s perspective on Deafness & British Sign Language  in our culture and community.

Surdi is here to ensure better support is provided to Deaf, Deafened, Deafblind and those Hard of Hearing.  It is important the deaf community have equal access and empowerment to protect their culture and rights.

Surdi – who we are

In April 2015, Brighton Deaf coffee morning formed as one of Surdi’s first projects.

Darren Jensen, a profoundly Deaf BSL user, established Surdi in October 2015. We felt there was lack of support and opportunities for deaf people in the community. We wanted to break down day to day barriers deaf people face every day.

Surdi’s aim is to ensure Deaf, Deafened, Deafblind and Hard of Hearing individuals have equal access in all aspects of their daily life. For Deaf people to feel empowered, ensuring their culture and rights are protected. Reduce barriers and isolation. Surdi wants to change Brighton and Hove communities’ perspective on Deafness and BSL culture. To encourage deaf people in Brighton & Hove and the surrounding areas to integrate with society.

The Deaf Community in Sussex deserves stronger representation. This can be achieved by networking, gathering information, working together as a community and sharing information with Surdi.

Surdi’s website is accessible to friends and families so they can share experiences and support each other.

Surdi would like to make sure services offered to deaf people are what they want, matching their individual needs both short and long term.

Breaking down barriers

  • Acceptance that deaf culture is different to hearing culture.
  • Avoid social isolation within the community.
  • Avoid social stigma and prejudice by removing discrimination in the community.
  • Reducing the chances of deaf people living a life with limited opportunities.

Surdi was created to encourage integration in the Brighton & Hove area. Deaf community in East Sussex deserves stronger representation.  Surdi is focused on networking and gathering information to help us find solutions to problems faced in our day to day lives. This website will allow friends and families to share experiences and support each other.

Brighton and Hove Coffee Morning is Surdi’s first project. This is held in the Jubilee Library, Brighton.

Surdi is planning to develop further projects. Subscribe to our newsletter and check social media to learn of upcoming events

Surdi is happy to hear from you and  open to any suggestions you may have.

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